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VST/AU Audio Effect

Litbit VST, AU

LITBIT: The Little Bit Crusher That Breathes
Bit crushing is a simple, classic sound – but often comes off too static, predictable, and nonmusical. Not so with Litbit~ It reacts to your sound, decimates it, and gives it an unpredictable digital spark. The icing on this lofi cake is the gorgeous lissajous display, which draws your sound in real time so you can watch it crunch.

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$14.20 Value

Spectral Disturbtion
VST/AU Audio Effect

Spectral Disturbtion

A radical sounding Emoji Controlled Multi-band Chebyshev Polynomial Distortion effect
Super noisy, and super weird! Chebyshevs allow you to create specific harmonics, generating brutal noise, old radio crunch, and even adding spooky harmonies to your sound.

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$16.66 Value


Extreme Sonic Disintegration Plugins at an Insane Discount!

key Features

  • Sidechain Controllable Bit Crushing and Sample Rate Reduction
  • Experimental “Breathe” and “Crinkle” Cotnrols
  • Built-in Lowpass/Highpass DJ Filter
  • Complete Sonic Disintegration
  • Multiband Chebyshev based Distortion
  • Harmonic Specific Distortion
  • Spooky Distortion Based Pitch Shifting
  • Intuitive XY Control Pad
  • Extreme Stereo Enhancement
  • Chaotic “BOO” Multiband Tangler
  • Gorgeous Lissajous Display

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