How It Works

APD is a lifestyle. APD is a vision. APD is a pungent aroma that never apologizes for what it is. APD is the hope in the eyes of a child when that child realizes you don’t have to pay List Price for awesome audio software. APD is an ever-evolving deal engine churning around a tornado circling a mystery. If you haven’t seen APD since last week, you haven’t seen APD.

Audio Plugin Deals is a web store dedicated to providing great quality, high-value sample libraries and audio plugins. These products are deeply discounted to no-brainer prices.

APD is divided into 2 main stores: “The Deal” and “The Shop”.

The Deal side offers bargain-priced limited time sales promotions from a different developer every weekday. Each deal typically runs for 2 weeks.

The Shop, on the other hand, is a marketplace where you can purchase sample libraries and audio plugins previously featured in the Deal store, along with a significant number of additional products from our partner developers who have hosted deals with APD.

These past deals and other selected products from our partners are offered exclusively to our loyal APD VIPs at a special discount by using your REWARDS WALLET.

In other words, The Shop is an eco-system (where you can always find products for less than List Price) that thrives off of the great products once offered as Deals and other software we’ve hand selected from our partner developers.

Don’t be late to the party! Once an APD Deal expires, or sells out, that’s it. Period. There are no back-orders and no waiting lists… sorry. To the swift go the spoils of the race, or something like that.

However, some of the Deals will end up migrating into The Shop where you can use your hard earned rewards money to get The Shop’s offerings down to as low as The Deal price once was, depending on how much rewards money you have in your wallet.

This is where things get interesting. For every dollar you spend with APD, past, present, or future, we’ll give you back 10% of that in store rewards credit that will be saved in your Rewards Wallet. Pretty great, right?

You’ve probably already earned some Rewards Wallet money so log in to your Audio Plugin Deals account now and check out the Rewards Wallet section for the details.

Here’s how it works. Let’s take this bundle of orchestral libraries from CINE-IMPACT-MASTER-TOOLS (just an example, you understand).The normal retail price for this imaginary bundle is $600. In The Shop, it’s discounted to $500 and you could buy it for that asking price, straight up. However, if you use your rewards money you can get it for as low as the base price of $99.

So, for every product in The Shop there are up to three different price points: List Price, Current Asking Price & Base Price. Rewards money can only be used in The Shop and not on The Deal as each two-week deal is already priced at the base price and can not be sold for any less.

Let’s say you missed a deal from APD, or simply like other products made by these developers, but still want a deal for less than the full “List Price”. No problem.

In The Shop we generally offer a reduced price on all products exclusive to The Shop. This is the “Current Price”, but why stop there?

You can reduce the Current Price of anything you fancy all the way down to it’s lowest advertised “Base Price” (in many cases the original deal price) by using your Rewards money, plus you can earn an extra $5 for every past purchase you review.

You can spend rewards at any time in The Shop. They never expire.

Yes, you can. All of the products in The Deal and The Shop are available to everyone. You will still find a large number of products reduced from the List Price that are available even if you have no rewards, and at a savings. Once you spend money with us, you will instantly earn rewards and, of course, become a VIP.

No. We are busy sourcing new products and fulfilling downloads to customers. The best way to reach the right person to help you is through our Contact Us page. Not only can we provide timely assistance, we can suggest a dating service, magic 8 ball, or Ouija board for general life solutions.

You can’t. APD does not offer returns or refunds. Once our robot minions kick into action deploying your download email, the deal is final

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Don’t worry, it’s simple and free. If you are a first time user you have 2 options:
1. You can register by providing an email address (which will also be your username) and a password.
2. Place your first order and this will automatically create a new account, ready for massive audio software deals.

You can pay for your orders using PayPal, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Google Pay, Apple Pay or Venmo. We do not accept checks, money orders, uncut gemstones, or broken promises.

Simply contact us directly from here and we can iron out the details from there. The best way to get in The Shop is to become an APD developer partner by offering a limited time 2 week deal with. Once you’re a partner and have done a 2 week deal, you can offer products in The Shop.

We don’t know – can you? Ok…Yes you can! Just contact us with the details of your company and what you can do for us.

Life is but a dream, for more of the nuts and bolts check out our official Terms and Conditions.