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DRMeter MKII + DROffline MKII by MAAT GMbH
DRMeter MKII + DROffline MKII by MAAT Digital
DRMeter MKII + DROffline MKII by MAAT GMbH

DRMeter MKII + DROffline MKII by MAAT Digital

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Master Loudness and Dynamics with the DR2 Bundle – Just $34.99 (Limited Time!)

Take control of your mixes and mastering with the DR2 Bundle by MAAT Digital, now only $34.99 (originally $179)! This powerful duo, DRMeter MKII and DROffline MKII, provides a complete solution for accurate loudness metering and dynamic range analysis.

Professional Loudness Measurement: DRMeter MKII is the industry standard for real-time loudness metering, ensuring your tracks meet broadcast specifications while maintaining musicality.

Effortless Batch Processing: DROffline MKII handles background analysis of your entire project, generating detailed reports on loudness, dynamic range, and other key metrics.

Gain Valuable Insights: With both real-time and offline analysis, you can identify potential issues early in your workflow and make informed decisions about your mix and master.

Unleash the power of professional loudness and dynamic range tools at a fraction of the usual cost! This limited-time offer is perfect for producers and engineers of all levels looking to elevate their sound.

Limited time offer, don’t miss out!

Compatiblity: AAX Native (Pro Tools 10.3.10 and newer), AU, VST 2, VST 3 (Mac & PC)

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DRMeter MKII + DROffline MKII by MAAT GMbH

DRMeter MkII
The only universal Loudness metering solution, from the folks who helped pave the way for Loudness normalization.

Designed for comprehensive R 128 Loudness measurement plus essential tools for popular music production, Loudness these days isn’t just about broadcast. If you work on a wide range of projects, you need DRMeter MkII.

DRMeter MkII is the first metering plug–in designed for general Loudness measurement and specifically for popular music production. It’s the only comprehensive Loudness meter that displays channel–specific trends and events by augmenting the mandated R 128 measurement with classic L/R and RMS metering. DRMeter MkII is also the first real time plug–in to offer official integrated DRi Dynamic Range measurement, along with PSR or (Sample) Peak–to–Short Term Loudness Ratio.

DROffline MkII
The comprehensive background batch measurement companion to our official DRMeter MkII plug-in.

Got audio? Scrub folders for metadata, look inside files and send clients beautiful reports, all in the background.

The coworker application to DRMeter MkII, DROffline MkII batch measurement app is the only software that automatically measures all mandated R128 parameters plus official integrated DRi along with a wide range of key metrics. 24 different measurements in the background are available, including DRi Dynamic Range and PSR (Peak–to–Short Term Loudness Ratio), along with print quality reporting.

DRMeter MkII Key Features

  • The first loudness meter designed for general use and specifically for music production
  • The only loudness meter displaying channel–specific trends and events with classic L/R metering
  • Real time measurement of official DRi Integrated Dynamic Range
  • Features Dynamic Deviation, an intuitive presentation of your current dynamic density compared to Target Loudness
  • Includes DualVu™, displaying both Relative and Absolute scales simultaneously makes loudness metering more intuitive and easier to understand
  • D-MODE: DR - MAAT’s renowned DR dynamic range standard; PSR - Peak–to–Short–term Ratio; LRA - Loudness Range
  • L-MODE: RMS, Momentary Loudness, Short–term Loudness
  • Integrated: DRi, LUi (Program Loudness)
  • MFiT mode — measures and monitors signal through round trip iTunes AACplus codec
  • LUFS/LU mode, LU mode with +9 and +18
  • LINK mode; links left and right channel Dynamic Display together to show average of L+R
  • Gate On/Off plus indicator for downward compatibility
  • -∞ (㏈FS) input indicators plus optional -30 dB zoom scale
  • TP disable (SPPM) option

DROffline MkII Key Features

  • All mandated R128 & A/85 Loudness metrics
  • Drag & Drop compatibility with DRMeter MkII
  • Maximum True Peak (joint measurement as per ITU)
  • Max Momentary (joint)
  • Max Short–Term (joint)
  • Integrated Loudness (joint)
  • Loudness Range (joint)
  • File metadata including File Name, Absolute Path, File Format, Sample Rate, Word Length, and Bits Used (filled)
  • Supplemental metadata including DRi (joint), DRi L & R, Max TP, Max Momentary L & R, and Max Short–Term L & R
  • Additional supplemental metadata including Max SPPM, RMS, and Minimum PSR (AES)
  • Local background processing for maximum security
  • Benchmark accuracy
  • Supports Linear PCM plus Lossless FLAC & ALAC for 44.1 to 384kHz sample rates

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Designed for music production, shows channel trends.
Measures official DRi dynamic range in real-time.
Dynamic Deviation compares loudness to target level.
DualVu shows relative and absolute loudness scales.
Multiple metering modes for DR, loudness, and RMS.
MFiT mode monitors through iTunes AACplus codec.
Selectable loudness reference levels (LUFS/LU).
Links left and right channel displays for average view.
Gate function for downward compatibility.
Wide input range with zoom option.

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    DRMeter MKII + DROffline MKII by MAAT Digital

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