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Nemesis by Behemoth Audio
Faded Effects Bundle by Faded Instruments
Faded Effects Bundle

Faded Effects Bundle by Faded Instruments

4.3/ 5.0 ( Total reviews: 68 )

For only $9 (normally $31), get the Faded Effects Bundle – combining both of Faded Instrument’s extreme sonic disintegration plugins, Litbit and Spectral Disturbtion, into one package!

Each weird and wonderful in their own way, this plugin bundle offers unique and refreshing ways to transform your sound.

Litbit is a “breathing” bit/sample crusher that uses envelope following to create dynamic and musical distortion. Spectral Disturbtion is a wild distortion that uses Chebyshev Polynomials to reform waveshapes – creating harmonic specific distortion that can even result in spectral pitch shifting.

Each plugin offers various non-traditional ways to disintegrate your sound and explode it into the stereo field.

Normally $31, this bundle is now available for only $9 (you save $22) for a limited time only. Don’t miss this amazing deal!




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    Faded Effects Bundle by Faded Instruments

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