Italian Harpsichord Bundle by REALSAMPLES

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For as low as $39.95 (instead of $309.85) with your rewards, get the Italian Harpsichord Bundle from REALSAMPLES featuring 3 unique sounding harpsichord libraries for Kontakt – Italian Harpsichord I, II & III!

The libraries are part of the Edition Beurmann series. Andreas Beurmann (1928-2016) was a German musicologist and instrument collector, researching historical piano instruments.

While harpsichords are not touch-sensitive, no note will sound exactly the same twice due to resonances of body and strings. Therefore, the REALSAMPLES team captured each instrument and stop with eight samples of each note. Furthermore, they recorded four key release sounds per key. The bundle contains over 2,700 single samples in total.

Originally $309.85, the Italian Harpsichord Bundle is now available for as low as $39.95 with your rewards cash for a limited time only – you save over $200! This is an amazing offer you should not miss!

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