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Jamahook Offline Agent Pro + Sound Assistant Artist Subscription
Jamahook Offline Agent Pro + Sound Assistant Artist Subscription
Jamahook Offline Agent Pro + Sound Assistant Artist Subscription

Jamahook Offline Agent Pro + Sound Assistant Artist Subscription

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Unearth Hidden Gems & Fuel Creativity with Jamahook Pro Bundle – Get it for $47.99 (Limited Time)!

Imagine having a personal AI assistant for your music production. The Jamahook Offline Agent Pro + Sound Assistant Artist Subscription (limited-time offer: $47.99, reg. $118.99) puts that power at your fingertips.

Unlock Your Sample Library: The Agent Pro connects your existing loops, stems, and samples with Jamahook’s AI, rediscovering forgotten treasures and automatically categorizing your entire collection.

AI-Powered Inspiration: Need a spark? The Sound Assistant analyzes your current project and suggests perfectly matching sounds – both from your own library and the vast Jamahook cloud database.

Streamlined Workflow: Find the exact loops and samples you need instantly, without ever leaving your DAW. Drag and drop, audition, and create unique tracks faster than ever.

Stop wasting time searching, start creating! Get the Jamahook Pro Bundle today.

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Lemonaide AI One Year Subscription

Fuel your musical journey with Jamahook Sound Assistant, the revolutionary AI plugin that streamlines music production. Stop wasting time searching for samples – let Jamahook analyze your project and suggest perfectly matching melodic loops, vocals, instrumentals, and beats from our ever-expanding cloud library (hundreds of thousands of options!).

Key Features:

  • Effortless Inspiration: Spark creativity with one click. Find the ideal musical elements to flawlessly complement your compositions, remixes, and productions.
  • Seamless Workflow Integration: Works like a charm within your DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). Supports VST, AU, and AAX formats for ultimate compatibility.
  • Intelligent Matching: The AI listens to your music, analyzes its melody and rhythm, then recommends harmonically and rhythmically compatible loops and samples – from your local library or the Jamahook cloud.
  • Royalty-Free Ownership: Download and own any loop with a single click – all copyright-cleared for worry-free commercial use.
  • Advanced Filtering: Refine your search with instrument, mood, genre, and groove filters for laser-focused results.

The Process:

  1. Listen: Let Jamahook analyze any section of your project.
  2. Match: Get AI-powered suggestions for loops and samples that perfectly complement your music.
  3. Audition: Preview your matches, drag and drop your own loops, or explore the cloud library for new inspiration.
  4. Filter: Narrow down your search with advanced filters for ultimate creative control.

Stop spending hours searching – start creating! Download Jamahook Sound Assistant today and unlock a world of musical possibilities.

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Harmonic & Melodic Matching: Shortlist loops that are harmonically compatible with your project. Audition them and drag them out into your project.
Rhythmic & Drum Matching: Search for loops with a similar groove. Quickly shortlist supporting percussion, drums, or even harmonic content.
Instrument & Genre Filter: Further narrow your search by Match Source (Cloud/Local). Apply instrument, genre and mood filters to fine-tune your matches. Use different combinations for unique results.
Pitch Shifted Matching: The algorithm incorporates matches from other keys which will be automatically transposed to suit your project.
Integrate effortlessly with all major DAWs. Supports both VST, AU and AAX formats,

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    Jamahook Offline Agent Pro + Sound Assistant Artist Subscription

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