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LoopCloud Studio Annual Plan
LoopCloud Studio Annual Pass
LoopCloud Studio Annual Pass

LoopCloud Studio Annual Pass

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Are you tired of mediocre sounds and uninspired beats? Do you want to take your music to the next level? Then you need this annual subscription of Loopcloud – the ultimate tool for creating unique and powerful sounds.

With its intuitive interface and advanced features, you can easily create custom sounds that will blow your audience away.

And for a limited time only, Loopcloud annual subscription is available for just $59 – that’s a massive $60 discount off the regular price of $119!

So don’t wait – get your copy of Loopcloud today and access the same resources the pros use.

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LoopCloud Studio Annual Plan

Your source for sounds
Loopcloud is an award-winning sound subscription that provides producers, DJs, and musicians
with a vast library of high-quality audio loops, samples, and presets, with powerful digital audio workstation (DAW) integration.

More than a sample library
Samples are a source of inspiration. It’s what you do with them that matters. Loopcloud allows you to shape millions of royalty-free samples to your sound.

Over 4 million sounds
Spend less time searching and more time creating. Loopcloud’s ever-expanding catalogue is the largest and most diverse sample library in the world, covering every genre you can imagine. Quickly find the sound you need with AI-powered harmonic and rhythmic sound matching, similar sound recommendations and adjustable audio search filters.

Be yourself
Make every sample your own with our game-changing software. The intuitive technology allows you to push sounds to their limits, moulding them seamlessly to your style. Creating unique textures and track-ready loops in an instant.

Inspiration for every genre
Loopcloud is a bottomless crate of creativity, from Hip Hop, House, Techno, Cinematic and all styles in between. Loopcloud’s library gives you studio secrets from the world’s hottest artists, DJs and producers. It’s time to produce with the best in the business.

Reimagine your sounds
Not just your Loopmasters samples, all your samples. Every sound you’ve ever collected, together in one place: tagged, organised and easy to find. Access your complete collection from any device. Taking inspiration with you wherever you go.

Make music your way
Loopcloud is an all-in-one music maker. Groundbreaking features and integrated instruments make Loopcloud a beatmaker’s paradise. Experiment with an ever-growing collection of instruments designed by the industry’s biggest names.

MusicTech quote
“Loopcloud is both easy to use and creatively engaging, making it a must-try for anyone who uses samples of any kind in their music.’’

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4 Million Sounds - The largest, most diverse and critically acclaimed royalty-free sample library on the planet is now available for you to search and enjoy.
3,600 Yearly Sound Points - With a Loopcloud subscription, you get a number of points added to your account every billing cycle. These can be spent on sounds, presets and plugin expansions. Grow your collection and feel inspired.
1GB of Free Samples - Each Loopcloud account comes with a 1GB Sample Pack containing samples and presets for Loopcloud Drum and Loopcloud Play to get you started
Loopcloud Plugin - Easily browse your sounds and preview over 4 million royalty-free samples from a single application that syncs with your DAW. Search by instrument, genre, label, key, bpm and more to find what you need.
Plugin Suite - Turn samples into songs with our versatile plugin suite. Loopcloud DRUM and Loopcloud PLAY craft pro-quality beats and melodies that sound like you and no one else.

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    LoopCloud Studio Annual Pass

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