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massive alternative bundle by ueberschall
Massive Alternative Bundle by UEBERSCHALL
massive alternative bundle by ueberschall

Massive Alternative Bundle by UEBERSCHALL

4.5/ 5.0 ( Total reviews: 24 )

For as low as $399.99 (instead of $838.50) with your rewards, get the MASSIVE ALTERNATIVE BUNDLE featuring 8 of the greatest and best alternative libraries by UEBERSCHALL. These loop based libraries will run in the free Elastik 3 sampler, so no Kontakt required!

This massive bundle includes the following products: Indie Rock 1, Indie Rock 2, Indie Rock 3, Indie Pop, Punk Rock, 80s Punk and New Wave, Glam Rock and Twelve String Electric.

Weighing in at 23.6B with 9470 loops and samples, the MASSIVE ALTERNATIVE BUNDLE is a great source of inspiration for your next rock/alternative music composition.

This massive bundle is powered by the FREE Elastik 3 Player. Elastik 3 is a complete toolkit for modern music producers working with audio loops. Loops can be an essential part of many musicians creative process and, with Elastik, you get a fast, efficient and flexible set of tools.

Originally valued at $838.50, this must-have bundle is now available for just $399.99 with your rewards cash!


BASE PRICE $399.99

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3.8 GB, 18 Construction Kits, 1507 Loops and Samples
Indie Rock is an unique library for Indie, Brit Pop, Rock as well as other surrounding genres.

Indie Rock serves as a perfect band in a box for inspiring ideas. Exceptional for song layouts, movie scoring, jingles & advertisements, creative media ventures and countless additional musical applications.

3.2 GB, 10 Construction Kits, 1.215 Loops and Samples
Two guitars, a bass and drums – get your ideas moving and start jamming. Full throttle! The best song ideas often derive from the raw sound and easy atmosphere in a rehearsal space. With Indie Rock 2, you can take these ideas straight into your DAW.

This library delivers lots of inspiration for music productions of classic rock, powerful pop up to cross-genre tracks.

3.84 GB, 10 Construction Kits, 1263 Loops & Samples
Indie Rock 3 brings you 10 more fully loaded rock construction kits ranging from emotive indie rock ballads through to high-tempo, in your face, rock-meets-metal meltdown.

With multiple musical sections within each construction kit, you have everything you need to produce a complete track – intros, verses, chorus, breaks and outros – just create your arrangement and add your vocals.

1.6 GB, 23 Construction Kits, 2.026 Loops & Samples
Poison Kontrol – Loads of intoxicated licks from guitars, bass, keys, drums and more.

Punk and so called: “New Wave” tracks with construction kit method phrases & loops. inspired by only the rudest guitar driven LA Punk, NY Punk, UK Punk, Ska, Hardcore, PostPunk and New Wave from the early and up to mid eighties

1.5 GB, 10 Construction Kits, 610 Loops and Samples
Ueberschall releases Punk Rock. Live recorded Tracks, rough, dirty & raw. This is not the polished music you might be used to hear from studio recordings. Feel the unleashed dynamics of jam sessions. All songs are recorded as multitracks and in one single take.

Each instrument is available as single track: Drum Mix, Bassdrum, Snaredrum, HiHat, Tom, Cymbals, Drum Set Overhead, Bass, Guitar.

1.9 GB, 19 Constructions Kits, 1262 Loops and Samples
Glam Rock is a connoisseurs nostalgic gateway to production methods and melodic stylings inspired by the Glam hit makers of the 70s such as T.Rex (Marc Bolan), Suzi Quatro, The Sweet, Slade, just to name a few. Straight rock music that marks the spot.

All content falls under 2 main tempos (105 BPM and 125 BPM) and 2 main scales (a-minor/c-major and g-minor/a-major), making mixing elements from different kits more harmonious.

2.9 GB, 10 Construction Kits, 894 Loops & Samples
Indie Pop delivers a collection of guitar-led pop tunes that work for the mainstream but emphasize an indie feel. While guitars lead the way, this is definitely pop rather than rock. The moods move from uplifting through to melancholy and with just a touch of quirkiness.

With nearly 3GB of sample data spread across 10 construction kits, there is plenty of material in each kit to build a full and varied arrangement.

4.9 GB, 693 Loops & Phrases
The electric 12-string guitar brings an instant late-60s vibe to any pop tune and this library can deliver that characterful jangle with ease.

With approximately 5GB of data spread across nearly 700 loops, it is incredibly easy to build a complete 12-string performance



Key Features

Includes 8 full products: Indie Rock 1, Indie Rock 2, Indie Rock 3, Indie Pop, Punk Rock, 80s Punk and New Wave, Glam Rock and Twelve String Electric.
Total of 23.6 GB, 100 Construction Kits and 9470 Loops & Samples
Combined value of 742€, available for 84,99$, nearly 90% off!
Styles: Punk Rock, Indie Rock, Indie Pop, New Wave, Glam Rock
Focus on Electric Guitars, Electric Bass and Acoustic Drums
Everything played by professional musicians and recorded with top-notch equipment
Real Drums available as multitrack recordings + full mix loop




BASE PRICE $399.99

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Massive Alternative Bundle by UEBERSCHALL

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