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MPC Expansion Bundle 2023 by ZamplerSounds
Massive MPC Expansion Bundle 2023 by ZamplerSounds
MPC Expansion Bundle 2023 by ZamplerSounds

Massive MPC Expansion Bundle 2023 by ZamplerSounds

4.3/ 5.0 ( Total reviews: 52 )


For as low as $39 (normally $799) with rewards, get the massive MPC Expansion Bundle 2023 by ZamplerSounds!

The MPC Essential Bundle is a massive collection of 54 libraries, including 48 GB of sounds, for all current Akai MPC harware models as well as the MPC Software, including the free MPC Beats DAW. Covering every genre imaginable from EDM to Funk, to Chillout, Ambient, Minimal and much more.

The collection of expansion packs covering basses, leads, pads and atmospheres in multiple genres this may well become your one stop shop for modern music production.

This bundle is worth $799 and includes over 4,000 playable instrument keygroups, including synth leads, basses, pads, drones, organs, pianos, vocals, drum kits and so much more.

Suitable for every style of music production imaginable including Synthwave, Vaporwave, Chillwave, Trance, Minimal, Chill, Dark Ambient, House, Trip-Hop, Dubstep, DnB, EDM, Techno, Hardcore and more.




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MPC Expansion Bundle 2023 by ZamplerSounds


Introducing the magnificent MPC Essential Bundle, a true treasure trove of 54 inspiring libraries, boasting a staggering 48 GB of sounds! This collection has been meticulously crafted for all Akai MPC hardware models, as well as the MPC Software, including the free MPC Beats DAW. Suitable for heart-pounding EDM to funky grooves, soothing Chillout vibes, ethereal Ambient, Melodic Techno, and so much more!

Delve into the depths of rich basslines, captivating leads, envelop yourself in lush pads, and get lost in mesmerizing atmospheres across a multitude of genres. With this bundle at your fingertips, you'll discover a boundless source of creativity, serving as your ultimate go-to for crafting cutting-edge music.

Valued at $799, this bundle includes over 4,000 playable instrument keygroups that encompass a vast array of sonic treasures. Unleash the power of synth leads, rumbling basses, enchanting pads, haunting drones, majestic organs, captivating pianos, alluring vocals, dynamic drum kits, and countless other captivating elements. A sonic playground suitable for any style of music production imaginable! 

Whether you're delving into the retro-futuristic realms of Synthwave, surrendering to the dreamy vibes of Vaporwave, exploring the chilled soundscapes of Chillwave, getting lost in the euphoric realms of Trance, or venturing into the depths of Dark Ambient, House, Trip-Hop, Dubstep, DnB, EDM, Techno, Hardcore, and beyond, this bundle is your ultimate companion.

The MPC Essential Bundle is available for the unbelievable price of just 39 Euro until the 30th of July 2023. Get ready to unleash your creative potential like never before!


ENSONIQ SQ-1 – 66 crystal Mallets, Pads & E-Pianos for Ambient, House & RnB
That flavour! Did you ever enjoy the joy of playing an Ensoniq SQ-1? If not, then here’s your chance! The seriously weighty workstation features loads of crystal-like bells, glassy pianos, synthetic orchestra sounds and pads as creamy’n'soft as butter – all of whom are of great use for contemporary music, especially Ambient, House, RnB and Hip-Hop. Not least due to the recording of the sounds through our SPL and Universal Audio outboard gear.

1,06 GB Samples for Ambient, House, RnB & Hip-Hop (optimised for MPCs)
66 crystal mallets, pads & e-pianos for Ambient, House & RnB
22 soft as butter pads
15 clean leads & synths
14 glassy keys
8 powerful basses
2 guitars
5 wind instruments
396 Samples (optimised for MPCs)


DEEP HOUSE FACTORY – 64 synth plucks, pads & EDM basses à la Meduza, Guetta & Alan Wa
"Techno is commercial!" is something you hear from time to time. But that’s wrong! Because "Deep House is commercial!" would be much more accurate, since many chart superstars adorn themselves with this popular music style. And rightly so! The sound has a positive feeling, is as listenable as it is danceable and works with or without vocals. Most characteristic are soft basses and hybrid plucks of synths and traditional instruments, 64 of which we have packed for you. Your turn!

805 MB sound bank for Techno, Ambient, House & EDM (optimised for MPCs)
64 patches à la Meduza, David Guetta & Alan Walker
24 EDM & House Basses
27 Leads, Plucks & Synths
10 soft pads
320 Samples (optimised for MPCs)


MELLOTRON ORCHESTRA – 54 Unique Leads & Retro Sounds
Admittedly: At first glance, the idea of a 770 MB Mellotron sound bank doesn't sound very exciting – at least until you've heard the sounds. This library is your personal Mellotron orchestra and contains not only the typical M400 strings and choirs, but a complete setup with brass, guitars, pianos and basses. Lovingly prepared and ready to play.

451 MB Samples (optimised for MPCs)
25 unique Leads
3 Organ sounds
18 cranked Pads
8 retro Synths
270 Samples (optimised for MPCs)
Audiodemos per Keygroup
Compatible with Akai MPC One, X, Live, Live mkII, Force, Studio, Touch, Renaissance, Key 61, MPC Software & MPC Beats


GRAND HARP – Magical harps & cinematic textures
In classical music they are an indispensable element and in blockbusters they usually underpin magical and fantastic scenes, but in electronic music they also have their firm - albeit mostly subtle - place in numerous House and Pop hits. We want to expand that! Therefore, in our sound bank you will find classical and Celtic harps on the one hand, but also otherworldly variants that we have prepared with re-sampling and bitcrushers, especially for Ambient and Techno.

Credits: Ethereal Winds, Arianna Cunningham, tarane468 // Photo by wu yi on Unsplash

580 MB Samples (optimised for MPCs)
Plucked Harp
Concert Harp
Harp with Strings
3 Harp Duets
2 Harps with Choirs
"Space Harp"
Reverse Harp
Folk Harp
Celtic Harp
16 Textures & Atmospheres
145 Samples


MYSTIC VOICES - 66 Spiritual Choirs & Trance Atmospheres
Ethereal whispers, wild jungle tribes, mystic elven choirs and the magic voice of throat singers – mixed and layered with pads and ambient textures... this sound bank for Zampler and your MPC will be your guide into energetic adventures of sound you have never heard before. If you’re into ambient and spiritual art of voices, or simply want to enhance your songs with natural & hypnotic atmosphere, this one is for you!

1,6 GB Samples (optimised für MPCs)
66 Keygroup Programs
7 Energetic Basses
17 Vox Leads & Spiritual Synths
39 Hypnotic Pads & Throat Singers
3 Trance FX & Atmospheres
464 Samples


ENTER THE OVERHEIM - 77 legendary Sounds from Matrix, SEM & OB-X8
There are every-days synths and then there's Oberheim. Since the Seventies, their models have been thrilling audiences with fat and super-wide stereo sound. Stars like Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails, Boys Noize, Deadmau5 and Calvin Harris totally dig the massive analogue sound. And now you, too? Enter the Overheim brings 77 legendary sounds of the three cult synthesizers SEM, Matrix 1000 and OB-X8 to your DAW, ready to play on Zampler//RX and Akai MPCs. Go for it!

1,05 GB Samples (optimised für MPCs) with a analogue & retro vibe
Suitable for Synthwave, Trance, Disco, Pop, Trip-Hop, Vaporwave
77 Keygroup Programs
24 analogue Basses
35 Synths & Leads
14 creamy Pads
4 Synth-FX
462 Samples


TRANCE FUTURE - 101 Supersaws, Plucks & Basses à la van Buuren, Talla & Solar Vision
Lasers, flashing lights and arenas full of dancers... that's one side, cosy clubs on the beach with floating soundscapes in the other. Standing for ecstatic dancing, intoxicating melodies and stress-free anti-everyday life, Trance is an evergreen. And the best thing is: our Trance Future sound bank hosts over 100 patches that strike through every mix to put a big smile on the face of you and your audience. Go for it!

1,05 GB Samples (optimiert für MPCs)
101 Keygroup Programs
49 Synths, Leads & Arps
45 Basses
7 Pads
598 Samples


TRNSTR - The Best of 909 & 303
Get TRNSTR, a free sound library featuring the sounds of Roland’s iconic instruments. Also including presets from bedroomproducersblog.com. TRNSTR contains 20 bass instrument patches and 11 drum kits, along with a set of 780 audio samples in 24-bit WAV format. The drums were tenderly recorded through a TLA 5021 valve compressor, sampled through a MPC2500 and enhanced with some other gritty hardware tools. All samples are ready to load as a sound bank in Zampler RX or expansion in current Akai MPC models.

Product details:
20 MB (optimised for MPCs)
20 Bass Keygroups
11 Drum Kits
328 Samples (optimised for MPCs)


SOLAR ECLIPSE - 94 Patches for Divine Ambient & Sweet Chillout
How do you put euphoria, hopelessness, a happy humming nature, sandy deserts or pearls under water into sound? We’ve been curious and asked all the synth machines we could find for their opinion. Find their answers divided into 94 pads & patches, each of which is bursting with atmosphere and telling its very own story. Load SOLAR ECLIPSE into your Zampler or MPC and get ready to experience your own adventure!

1,49 GB Samples (optimiert für MPCs)
94 Keygroup Programs
3 Basses
2 Drums
64 Pads
25 Leads & Synths
565 Samples


TRAP EMPIRE - 89 Stabs & Basses for Trap & Grime à la 2 Chainz & Night Lovell
Tuned cars, naughty basses and the middle finger at the ready… we totally admit: For this soundbank, we were inspired by the YouTube channel of the Gangster Gang crew. Their sound is simply the best that Trap and Grime have to offer in 2022. And 4.5 million followers can't lie. Let more than 2 GB basses, synths, brass stabs and acoustic instruments guide you to new, atmospheric tracks.


The vocals in the demo song are (c) by natjamesworld.com and not contained in the pack.

1,04 GB Samples (optimised for MPCs)
89 Keygroup Programs
35 Basses
15 Guitars & Instrumente
32 Synths & Leads
7 Pads
445 Samples


DEATH TO THE KORE - 128 killers for Hardcore, Frenchcore, Hardstyle & EBM
"There is no lying in Hardcore. This is where the wheat is separated from the chaff"... The quote from Nordcore GmbH may have been around for a few years, but it hasn't lost any of its relevance. That's why our sound pack won’t suit sweet "cuddle-core”. Instead you’ll get thumping kicks, brutal basses, mighty dominator leads and vocals for the drama. Whether Hardstyle or Gabber: You will find your appropriate punishment here. Hakkeeeee!

969 MB samples (optimised for MPC's)
128 Keygroup Programs
For Hardcore, Gabber, Frenchcore, Hardstyle, Mainstyle, Hands-up, EBM, Splittercore, Speedcore, Noizecore, Terror
13 Basses
25 Gabber & Frenchcore Kicks
28 Hardstyle Leads & Plucks
5 dramatic Strings & Pads
12 apocalyptic FX
17 spoken Vocal lines
10 bonus Choir Stabs & Rave Chords
20 brutal Metasonix S-1000 sounds
452 Samples


MAGNIFICENT SEVEN - 99 legends like JP-8000, Moog Model 15 and Prophecy VS
The development of new Behringer synths and clones is in full swing and makes countless musicians happy, now able to enjoy the sound for a fraction of the original. Since some of the announced new releases are still waiting, we're going ahead and present 99 presets from seven synth legends, from JP-8000 and Jupiter-80 to Oberheim SEM and Moog Model 15, bringing a powerful piece of synth history right into your studio!

1,27 GB Samples (optimised for MPCs)
99 keygroup programs
sounds from Roland JP-8000 and Jupiter-80, Moog Taurus and Model 15, Oberheim Matrix 6 and SEM 2-Voice
this emulating the sound of Behringer’s synths JT-4000, Toro, UB-1, 2-XM, Model 15, Saturn Soul and Pro VS Mini
30 basses
30 leads
17 pads
22 synths
495 samples


TRAVELLER - 95 ethnic & hypnotic sounds for Trap & Chillout
Asian plucked instruments teaming up with rumbling bass and dark spheres... a current success-recipe that has not only given rise to sub genres like Japanese Trap or Samurai Beats, but also a combination for creating the finest atmosphere in Chillout, Trip-Hop, Trance and minimal, hypnotic Techno. If you are planning to add depth in your next tracks, you will find everything you need in here. Enjoy a true journey into sound!

1.41 GB Samples (optimised for MPCs)
95 keygroup programs
15 basses
15 drum sounds
35 leads & synths
20 spheric pads
10 pluck sounds
1.235 samples


BVRST - 109 Basses & grungy leads for D&B, Future Bass & EDM
Whether it's House, Future Bass, EDM or Drum & Bass - the low end has to get pushing, otherwise the whole track won't shake the floor. That’s why BVRST provides you with a concentrated load of bass. But no bread-and-butter sounds that you have in your collection anyway, but 70 times powerful and contemporary low end, plus 39 hybrids that can be used as leads as well as basses. Also suitable for Bigroom House and Trance btw!

Product details:
1.52 GB Samples (optimised for MPCs)
109 Keygroup Programs
70 Basses
39 Lead- & Synth-Sounds
545 Samples


LAYERZ - 70 hybrids for Techno, EDM, Chill, Trap and Soundtracks
If you’re out for that unique sound, look no further! LAYERZ provides you with 70 fusions of real instruments, vocals and synths that have never been seen before. Enchanting harps meet vicious basses, supersaws support modified pianos and Indian dulcimer loops were married with delicately bubbling pads.
The patches will give your productions an exclusive touch, regardless of whether you need punchy sounds for EDM or Techno, bass beds for Trap or Chillout, or even horrifying atmospheres for the movies. LAYERZ will get you sorted.

Product details:
70 Keygroup Programs
13 Basses
29 Lead- & Synth-Sounds
28 Pads & Atmospheres
350 Samples


BASS THRILL - 116 acoustic & synthetic basses with cojónes
Whether Techno, Trap, Grime, Dance or House, no one can do without them: Besides the kick, basses are the most important element of any track, as both form the foundation and basis. And both need to work! With Bass Thrill brings get the ultimate compendium in low-end, consisting of 116 basses, from acoustic to neuro, from synth bass for current Electro to 12-bit sampler basses for authentic Hip-Hop, which will transform your tracks for cracking floor shakers. Let there be bass! details:

1,32 GB Samples (optimiert für MPCs)
116 Keygroup Programs
39 Synth Basses
30 Vintage Sampler Basses
14 Neurobasses
9 Retro Gaming Basses
14 Experimental Bass Sounds
580 Samples


ANALOG PRESSURE - 128 Studio Electronics SE-3X Patches
There are synths that produce a nice sound, and then there are those that leave you speechless with their fat basic sound. On top they trigger the ultimate G.A.S. (Gear Acquisition Syndrome). The Studio Electronics SE-3X - with its hard basses and biting leads - clearly belongs to the second category. But the analogue battleship isn't just a Minimoog clone, it offers much more creative possibilities, which we have captured in our sound bank. Cowabunga!!

Product details:
1.3 GB Samples (optimiert for MPCs)
128 Keygroup Programs
52 Basses
6 Drums
62 Lead- & Synth-Sounds
4 Pads
640 Samples


BIG ROOM SYNTHS - 1.4 GB Best-Of for Techno, Trance and EDM
When it comes to Techno, Trance and EDM, one thing is clear: you need huge sounds! But not only that, they should also be individual. That's why we didn't hesitate to marry our modular studio rack with analogue synths to combine both worlds and sample the best sounds. The result are 96 basses, synths and pads that can be used to pimp any track. Have fun!

Product details:
1.4 GB Samples (optimised for MPC's)
91 Keygroup Programs
52 Leads & Synths
15 Basses
12 Chords
4 Atmos & FX
3 Guitars
3 Pads
2 Drums
546 Samples


SYNTHIA - 50 precious EMS Synthi & VCS3 patches
Depeche Mode, Pink Floyd, Aphex Twin, Astral Projection... the list of VCS3 users is quite impressive. The first portable and most successful synth of the 70s is anything but an old-fashioned legend. Erica Synths have released an official replica called Syntrx and Behringer is working on a clone as well. No surprise, because the sound of the three-oscillator suitcase is massive and vivid, thanks to patchbay matrix. Look forward to 50 must-have basses, leads and pads with analog guarantee.

Product details:
1 GB of content
50 keygroup programs


ALPHA JUNO - 62 iconic Alpha Juno II patches
The 80ies are not only iconic for their fabulous synth sound, but also for a boom of studio hardware that helped to define that sound. So it‘s no surprise that superstars like Prodigy, Vince Clarke and Massive Attack loved synths like the Juno series from Roland and still have them in their latest productions. With this expansion you extend your library with 62 original patches from an Alpha Juno II. Enjoy!

Product details:
394 MB of content
62 keygroup programs


MODEL 1978 - More than 60 brute Korg MS-20 sounds
Bass monster, fatso, stage hog... the Korg MS-20 is a born rock star. No surprise, as its roaring filters make any sound go boom. Even 42 years after its birth, Prince Charming still shines with its distinctive sound. Still, if wanted, the synth can also sound nice. Look forward to 64 exquisite basses and synth patches with unique guarantee. Be sure to check out the keygroups BS Monster and SY Niceguy!

Product details:
1.17 GB of content
64 keygroup programs


VOICES FROM THE DARK - 64 dark spheres and whispering voices
Spherical pads, rumbling textures, whispered mantras... our current sound bank is all about atmosphere. Whether you want to give your Techno or Ambient tracks more musical depth with intimate voices and wafting pads, or underline images with intense textures, you will find what you are looking for in the 64 patches. Have fun with Voices From The Dark!

Product details:
1.53 GB of content
64 keygroup programs


STARWAVE - 90+ analog sounds for Retro-, Synth- & Chillwave
Born 40 years ago and still hot: with their synth-heavy sound, the Eighties already made themselves a legend back then and are experiencing their renewed flight of fancy. No surprise, the mixture of rich, analogue sound, retro feeling and glamorous melodies is not only timeless, but also highly infectious. Look forward to 90 of the best patches as an expansion for all current MPCs! By the way, also fully compatible with Ambient, Chill and Trance.

Product details:
1,1 GB Samples (optimised for MPCs)
552 samples
92 Patches (Basses, Keys, Synths, Leads & Pads)


TRAP ORCHESTRA - 116 symphonic instruments for Hip-Hop & EDM
Abyssal basses, shrill bells and roaring trumpets... when it comes to instrumentation, Trap isn't squeamish and, in addition to synthetic alarm sounds and sirens, is also extremely fond of classical orchestras. So it's already clear where the journey of our current expansion is heading. Look forward to a whopping 116 strings, cellos, double basses, marimbas, xylos and, of course, nasty 808 subs, for EDM, Hip-Hop, Trap, Grime and all styles that need massive symphonic sounds.

Product details:
1 GB of content
116 keygroup programs


ÆNIGMA - 64 Gregorian choir- and synth-hybrids
Pure emotion and ethnic vocal power... There is something mysterious and sacred about Gregorian choruses that is simply unique. But because their use can quickly sound oldschool, we have sampled, sliced and looped like maniacs, to present you 64 ready-to-use bass-, pad- and lead-hybrids of choirs and synths that really give every track a unique touch.

Product details:
1.5 GB of content
64 keygroup programs


CORROSIVE - Acid loops, bass patches & authentic drums
A great firework of bass and drum loops and sounds focussing on - guess what - Roland's magical acid engines. 32 loops and 32 bass patches from the Roland TB-3 are complemented by a whopping 131 loops of acid basses and drum from the Roland TR-8. All in all, 300+ MB of hand-picked basic sounds.

Product details:
302 MB of content
28 keygroup programs (Acid & Basses)
183 samples
131 drum & acid loops


DELUXE HOUZE JUNKIE - 82 Patches for Deep, Slap, Tech & LoFi House
A whopping 82 patches for contemporary styles like Deep, Slap, LoFi, Tech and Pop House await you in our new expansion for Zampler and Akais MPC series. Deluxe Houze Junkie inspires with a variety of crisp basses, fresh lead and synth sounds as well as rousing pads, chords and arpeggios. Just right for productions in the style of Felix Jaehn, Dynoro, R3hab and VIZE, but EDM and techno producers won't go empty-handed here either!

Product details:
1,2 GB Samples (optimised for MPCs)
82 Keygroup Programs
6 Arps
26 Basses
22 Chords
21 Lead- & Synth-Sounds
7 Pads & Strings
492 Samples


DARK MODULAR - 90 basses, drones & patterns form Black System III by Erica Synths
Drone synth and ultimate machine for raw techno, trance and IDM: the Black System III by Erica Systems is a sound designer's dream, delivering massive basses as well as super-wide supersaws and spherical textures. With the Dark Modular Expansion, that system is yours: a whopping 67 patches and over 30 minutes of modulated sequences, loops and drones are waiting to be used in your MPC.

Product details:
1.2 GB of sample content
67 keygroup programs (2 drones, 28 basses, 30 leads & arps, 7 pads & textures)
23 loops/stems (30+ minutes in total)


ZA2600 - 65 finest ARP2600 patches
Often called the holy grail of synths... and rightly so, as hardly any other synthesizer radiates so much “must have" as the ARP 2600. Built by ARP Instruments and one of the most cloned synthesizers at the moment, next to the 303. We save you the cost and present a whopping 65 exquisite patches that not only capture the analog character of the original, but are also prepared for use in your current productions. Have fun!

Product details:
1,1 GB of content
65 keygroup programs


DARK ORCHESTRA - 52 dark symphonic patches
The drama of strings, the force of horns and the soulful playing of a piano do not only serve their purpose in cinema or classical music. Trap, pop and other electronic music styles also like to make frequent use of orchestral instruments. For us, this is reason enough to present you with your own ensemble, whose instruments we have not only given a rich sound but also more drama with the finest analogue equipment.

Product details:
672 MB of sample content
52 keygroup programs (9 atmospheres, 8 rumble basses, 3 drums, 3 guitars, 15 harps, horns & pianos, 4 pads, 10 violins & strings)


PEAKTIME by BEAT - 68 Novation Peak keygroups
With the Bass Station a legend was born and Novation Peak follows in its footsteps. The mixture of analog where it counts and digital where it makes life easier results in a pro synth with ultimate sound output. Cracking basses and crisp leads for any electronic style.

Product details:
693 MB of content
340 samples
68 keygroup programs


LOFI EDM - 105 charming synth patches
No doubt: LoFi is the new chic. While hip-hop, chill and downtempo were the mainstays recently, the crisp sound has now reached harder paces like Trap and EDM, and will certainly not stop there! So there's no need to worry about us providing you with 100+ patches of the finest material that will take its room in any mix with its massive rough but charming sound. Have fun browsing!

Product details:
1,13 GB of content
630 samples
105 keygroup programs


ULTIMATE DRUMS - 77 classics refined
We searched our sample archive for sounds of legendary drum machines, and we sampled all the drummies we could find in the studio that host the typical legacy sound. But we didn't just record the grooveboxes and modules, we refined them for you as always with our outboard setup. Among others with our TLA Ivory compressor and our MPC 2500, which has already become something like our studio mascot and is still simply the number 1 for powerful and dirty drums.

Product details:
197 MB of content
504 drum samples
20 keygroup programs
57 drum programs
42 .mpcpatterns and .sxq sequences each


ANALOG WARRIOR - 112 patches for Techno & Industrial
Unleash the beast in you with the analog beasts Sequential Prophet 12, Analogue Solutions Semblance, Dreadbox Murmux and the drummer classic Tempest by DSI. They're rock solid & heavy sounds are waiting to turn your next production into a bomb!

Product details:
1,26 GB of content
672 samples
112 keygroup programs


FAT FATTY - 32 patches Best of Moog Synthesizers
Its name says it all: Moog sound all the way. 32 patches of pure synth power, analogue warmth and organic sound. Stereoized, tape-saturated and cooked to perfection.

Product details:
474 MB of content
160 samples
32 keygroup programs


BRUTE FACTOR - 47 pure analog MiniBrute 2S patches
Analog sound is always wanted. And it's even more wanted when it sounds fat or brute. Just like the Arturia MiniBrute 2. As the synth was already honored with full marks, we just made a studio session and dressed it up for our your MPC, so you can now enjoy the savage sounds yourself. And we included a bonus, something that the MiniBrute hardware can't do: Pads. Happy blasting!

Product details:
404 MB of content
47 keygroup programs


NORDIC NATURE - 71 patches made with Nord Wave 2
As is well known, "Ladies in red" have a certain attraction, which seems also true for "Synths in red”. Clavia's Nord series still enjoys unbroken popularity and like hardly any other synth, the Wave 2 is uncompromisingly designed as a performer and there is actually no sound that it doesn't master to perfection. Look forward to 71 basses, spherical pads, and hybrids of real and synthetic instruments that we've designed especially for you with the Nord Wave 2.

Product details:
1 GB of content
426 samples
71 keygroup programs


MELODIC - 88 patches for Melodic House & Techno
Bodzin, Monolink, Umek… this list could be extended endlessly. What they got in common isn’t only their high rankings in charts at Beatport and other big stores, but also their musical output. Melodic House and Techno are the hippest genres from the electronic underground, which - thanks to artists like them - have risen to the top of radio- and Spotify-playlists, also shaping the sound of concurrent overground music. Look forward to 88 patches for both genres, ready to go for Zampler!

Product details:
• 745 MB of content
• 468 samples
• 88 keygroup programs


ELECTRIC PROPHET - 107 patches from Sequential Pro 3 and Prophet 08
Hardly on the market, already part of Zampler: The Electric Prophet soundbank brings you no less than 107 patches of the two battleships Pro 3 and Prophet 08 from Sequential aka Dave Smith, the synth master in person. Look forward to 2.2 GB of material that makes the Pro 3 stand out: Arpeggios, bass sequences and hooklines, enriched with beautiful pads from the Prophet 08. Turn on your computers, fire up Zampler and take off!

Product details:
1.15 GB of content
642 samples
107 keygroup programs


THE ANALOGON - 88 patches for Synthwave, Trance & Minimal
There’s always some magic dust around analogue classics, a fact that’s not surprising at all, as these synths helped to shape various musical genres throughout the years. So there’s no reason to think any harder and go on with the next Zampler pack. Analogon gives you 2 Gigabytes of everything that defines an analogue bolide: strong basses, sparkling arpeggios and hearty hook sounds, which will fit into any Synthwave, Trance and Minimal track. Enjoy!

Product details:
1 GB of content
440 samples
88 keygroup programs


THE TRICKSTER - 102 patches straight from hell
The Trickster is a powerful library featuring dark basslines, bright bells, cartoonish toy-keyboard sound and fiendish pads and atmospheres, perfectly suited to give Dubstep, Trap or other genres a malicious twist.

Product details:
1.16 GB of content
417 samples
102 keygroup programs


ETHNIC SYMPHONY - 57 ethnic basses, pads and synths for Chill & House
Ethnic sounds and electronics… on the first sight both don’t have any similarities. But as soon you start to combine both world, they fit together like the Yin belongs to the Yang. With 57 patches Ethnic Symphony delivers a full orchestra of weighty basses, spheric pads and synths, that combine ethnic instruments and vocals to fresh and inspiring sounds, that will instantly enrich your Chill- and House-tracks with the special component X.

Product details:
738 MB of content
285 samples
57 keygroup programs


ETERNAL DRONES - 71 drones & pads for Ambient & Sound tracks
„Calibrate your mind“ – or something alike could be the devise for the Eternal Drones sound bank. Believe it or not, this pack contains 1,1 GB of ever modulating drones, meditative pads and Hollywood-style textures, which would even fit to blockbusters like Bladerunner or Inception. Besides Chillout and other atmospheric genres the sounds also fit to Doomjazz, Space Music and Dark Ambient. Have fun while relaxing!

Product details:
1,1 GB of content
355 samples
71 keygroup programs


BLACK HOLE - 87 basses and pads from the frontier of the universe
Pads for dreaming and dreading, basses to rush ahead and lean back, synths to scrape or hover… monumental and with very distinct character from oblique to brillant. The 87 epic sounds of Event Horizon are paradoxic and complex, spheric and direct at once, the perfect base for Chillwave, Ambient, Trip-Hop, Eternal Electro and other intergalactic styles. A must-have!

Product details:
639 MB of content
435 samples
87 keygroup programs


TAPE SYNTHS - 75 patches of pure Synthwave power
Names like Mercury, MiniMoog, Roland SH-101, JP-8000 or Juno 60 makes us getting nervous. But this isn‘t even the full list of synths we used for our latest sound bank. For authentic flair we recorded some of the synths through our old Technics deck, with some nice, warm tape overdrive. The result are 75 weighty basses, leads and pads with fat-gurarantee.

Product details:
685 MB of content
375 samples
75 keygroup programs


ELECTRO ENCOUNTER - 42 patches of neon light and nasty robots
Neon light and robots, nasty noises and beats from the 808... Electro is so much more than only Kraftwerk. Countless producers of any style get inspired by this raw sound straight from the underground. But even if you're not familiar to names like Clone Records, Umwelt, Sync 24 or Dominance Electricity, you'll find some nice add ons for your next production!

Product details:
525 MB of content
210 samples
42 keygroup programs


PATCHED GRAND - 30 prepared pianos and more
Pianos sound like pianos do. Well, as long as you don't open them up and start messing around with what you find inside. Of course we did right that, and what makes all pianists angry made our sound designer Marco Scherer very happy. For this sound bank we got a Yamaha C3 Grand Piano and gave it some friendly torment, which resulted in 30 very unique patches, usable for songs, tracks and scores. Have fun!

Product details:
203 MB of content
150 samples
30 keygroup programs


PRO-8 - Only the best from Prophet 08 and Prophet 6
Dave Smith seems to have subscribed to success, so it‘s inevitable to get keen-eared when it comes to his synths. Especially the Sequential Prophet 08 is an expert for pads, stabs, huge basses, leads, arps, sequences and so on… did we forget to mention anything? In short: His synths are no-brainers. Because of this and because sharing is fun, we prepared a Zampler sound bank with 68 patches of the Prophet 08, enriched with sounds from a Prophet 6. We say: That rocks!

Product details:
471 MB of content
340 samples
68 keygroup programs


STRING THEORY - 33 Nord keys, pads & string machines
Atmosphere à la Stranger Things, cineastic pads, authentic Bladerunner feeling or just smooth, analog sounds for Ambient and Chillout. Et voilà, this is what you get 33 times with our latest Zampler sound bank. The patches were recorded from classic synths like Roland VP-330, a Mellotron and several Nord keyboards, as well as other legendary workstations from the 80ies and 90ies. Have a great journey!

Product details:
150 MB of content
165 samples
33 keygroup programs


EMULATOR - 120 iconic basses, leads & synths
Eight Bit and one meg of memory doesn't sound very appealing, but for E-Mu's Emulator II it was a reason to advance to one of the most succesful samplers of its time, while influencing countless producers. For our latest Zampler pack we sampled 120 of E-II's most charismatic instruments, cutting through every mix with their gritty sound and hypnotic loops.

Product details:
1,4 GB of content
600 samples
120 keygroup programs


EXPLORER - Duel of the giants: Odyssey vs ARP2600V
Without doubt the Behringer Odyssey is one of the most popular synths these days. Reason enough to add his virtual counterpart and send both into the ring. The result are 50 proper basses, crystal clear leads and pads soft as butter, all sounds being able to cut through in every mix.

Product details:
674 MB of content
250 samples
50 keygroup programs


SYNTH MASSIVE - Best of Serum, Spire & Massive
Some things take their time to get awesome. This totally applies to Native Instruments‘ long awaited Massive X, an ultimate weapon for sound designers, going head to head with Serum and Spire. Reason enough for us to record the three synths for the latest Zampler sound bank. Enjoy 77 bangers for your productions!

Product details:
1 GB of content
385 samples
77 keygroup programs


HYBRID ORCHESTRA - 48 finest electro-orchestra patches
Whether Hollywood scores or modern club tracks, both make heavy use of orchestral instruments and fuse them with electronic components, resulting in brutal and reckless sounds. The good news: We already did this for you and created 48 powerful hybrid patches for Zampler, which will extend your library instantly. Here you go!

Product details:
800 MB of content
240 samples
48 keygroup programs


799.00 Value



54 expansions for all current MPC hardware models and software
Non-MPC owners can download the MPC Beats software for free (www.akaipro.com/mpc-beats)
48 GB of sample content
4,000 keygroup instruments with audio demos
Suitable for Synthwave, Vaporwave, Chillwave, Trance, Minimal, Chill, Dark Ambient, House, Trip-Hop, Dubstep, DnB, EDM, Techno, Hardcore and more
Compatible with Akai MPC One, X, Live, Live mkII, Force, Studio, Touch, Renaissance, Key 61, MPC Software & MPC Beats





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    Massive MPC Expansion Bundle 2023 by ZamplerSounds

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