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Mindful Harmony Premium 3-Month Subscription
Mindful Harmony Premium 3-Month Subscription
Mindful Harmony Premium 3-Month Subscription

Free Gift of the Month – Mindful Harmony Premium 3-Month Subscription

($18.00 value)!

Get 90 Free Days of Mindful Harmony Premium with every deal purchase in the month of February.

Bring your dream compositions to life with Mindful Harmony’s powerful music theory algorithms. Explore the interactive circle of fifths chart with modes, find beautiful chords in any key, and make mindful modulations.

Discover chords across all keys and modes, and experiment with great piano chord voicings. Explore dominants, sub-dominants, and borrowed chords from any mode. Finding chords for modal interchange has never been easier. Get insightful suggestions for crafting seamless modulations between keys, adding an extra layer of depth to your songs. Write amazing music and learn music theory concepts in the process.

Seamlessly transition to your preferred digital audio workstation (DAW) by exporting a midi file, and keep your creative momentum flowing.

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Mindful Harmony Premium 3-Month Subscription

Deepen the impact of your compositions with Mindful Harmony – your music theory workstation. Elevate your chord progressions and learn to understand music theory concepts in an interactive way. Become mindful of the harmony in your songs.

Interactive Circle of Fifths
Explore the interactive circle of fifths, where your musical color wheel assists in creating mindful modulations that lend a purposeful touch to your compositions.

Extensive Chord Finder
Effortlessly explore our extensive chord finder. Customize chords with extensions and delve into dominants, sub-dominants, borrowed chords, and more in any key.

Write with Your Ears
Rearrange chords on an intuitive chord grid. Simply click on chords to hear how they sound. Learn how to play the chords with the helpful piano roll.

Explore these Premium features in 90 days for free:

Use Chord Extensions And Beautiful Voicings
Why stick with the same old triads and seventh chords? Shake things up by adding ninth, eleventh, and thirteenth chords to create a more diverse and interesting sound. Experiment with rearranging the notes in captivating ways. With Mindful Harmony Premium, you can effortlessly explore different rootless voicings.

Mix Your Chords with Modal Interchange
Modal Interchange might seem a bit tricky, but with Mindful Harmony Premium, it's as easy as a click. It's all about borrowing chords from a related scale. For instance, if you're cooking up a tune in C Major, you can borrow some chords from C Minor. The cool thing is there's no set rule; just play around with those borrowed chords in your progressions and see how they spice things up!

Use A Beautiful Mode
Every mode of Major (Ionian), Harmonic Minor, and Melodic Minor is available in Mindful Harmony Premium. Writing in a mode lets you unlock an amazing emotional palette that will transform your compositions.

Think Beyond a Single Key
Think of your songs like a road trip with lots of stops. You can change keys multiple times within a single song. One neat trick is to use a pivot chord that fits both the key you're leaving and the one you're entering. With Mindful Harmony Premium, finding these pivot chords is a breeze. Just tap into the Auto Modulation feature for suggestions on crafting super-smooth transitions.

Create Strong Resolutions
Try out dominant and subdominant chords. Dominant chords naturally want to resolve into other chords, and you can slip them between any chords in your progression. With Mindful Harmony Premium, you've got a bunch of dominants to play around with.

Write Music Anywhere
With Mindful Harmony Premium, your compositions get saved in the cloud. Write a chord progression on your mobile device on the train and continue at your computer when you get home.

Share Your Creations
You can share your creations with others, such as band members, family, or a teacher. You can also make copies of songs shared with you and edit them.

Feel free to use Mindful Harmony in any way that suits you. Whether you use it to learn music theory, to write music, or to experiment with harmony, you are sure to have a good time.

Value $18.00



Use chord extensions and beautiful voicings
Mix your chords with modal interchange
Use a beautiful mode
Think beyond a single key
Create strong resolutions
Write music anywhere
Share your creations


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    Mindful Harmony Premium 3-Month Subscription

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