Origins Vol. 3: 12-String and Balalaika by SONUSCORE

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Pairing a radiant 12-STRING guitar with the signature sound of the BALALAIKA, we bring you the third entry in our Origins series.

The powerful Multi-Arpeggio-Designer (MAD) opens up a whole new world of possibilities with these carefully selected plucked string instruments: Enrich your composition with ethereal textures, ethnic trills, mystic shimmers and other sonic creations in the Origins tradition, take a bold step into modern genres and shine the spotlight on the instrument’s warm, bright timbre, or bring an electric, gritty vibe into the mix.

With More than 100+ inspiring presets that will assist you in your journey for unique sounds.

Some of the key Features of this deal from Sonuscore

  • Two individually playable virtual instruments
  • 100+ rhythm presets
  • Full customization of all controls
  • A full virtual 12-String acoustic guitar

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