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Ultimate Vocal Bundle 2 by Ghosthack
Ultimate Vocal Bundle 2 by GHOSTHACK
Ultimate Vocal Bundle 2 by Ghosthack

Ultimate Vocal Bundle 2 by GHOSTHACK

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For only $27 (normally $199.95), get the Ultimate Vocal Bundle 2 by Ghosthack!

The bundle features the following 3 products: Ultimate Pop Vocals, Emotions – Acapella Collection and Heavy Vocals.

If you’re in need for some fresh vocals and acapellas, look no further, we got you covered! This exclusive bundle contains male and female acapella kits plus bonus construction kits and files for a myriad of different music styles.

Limited time offer, don’t miss out!

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Ultimate Vocal Bundle 2 by Ghosthack

Introducing the Ultimate Vocal Bundle 2, a powerhouse collection of professionally crafted vocal samples designed to elevate your music productions to new heights. This exclusive bundle, available at Audioplugin Deals, combines three exceptional Ghosthack vocal packs: "Ultimate Pop Vocals," "Heavy Vocals," and "Emotions - Acapella Collection." Whether you're a pop producer, EDM enthusiast, or looking to add emotion and depth to your tracks, this vocal bundle has you covered.

Ultimate Pop Vocals:

It’s time to get the “Ultimate Pop Vocals” collection, which contains more than 2 GB of royalty-free acapellas and construction kits for a unique and classy sound in the genre of Pop Music.

Get 5 royalty-free acapellas by Mechi, a professional female vocalist with millions of streams on Spotify. The Argentinian singer had an incredible hit on Spotify with over 20 million streams.

Our sound designer team created together with Mechi an exclusive and high-standard package to spice up your production and fill it with catchy, clear, and expressive vocals.

The pack includes everything that you need to create a truly outstanding track: 5 Professionally recorded Acapellas containing clean ad-libs, panned dups and lead, as well as a mastered layered wet and dry version to make your production even more special and worthwhile. Each track comes with a corresponding construction kit to show you how you can utilize the vocals in a finished track.

The “Ultime Pop Vocals” acapellas could be used in any genre of your likings, such as Latin Pop, Electro-Pop, Progressive Pop, Disco, or even Fusion-based Genres. Therefore, are no limits to your production and creativity process.

All of the vocals are 100% royalty-free and can be used for commercial projects such as album, iTunes and Spotify releases as well as movies, video games or Youtube videos.

Emotions – Acapella Collection:

High quality professional vocals with heart. That’s what you’ll find in all seven acapellas in Emotions - Acapella Collection, an inspiring addition for anyone producing modern pop or dance music. Featuring passionate performances from both male and female vocalists, a wet and dry version of each acapella is included so you’re in complete control of how every last syllable is processed in your projects.

These vocals are clear, powerful and recorded by pros. You can produce with confidence and know your music will sound fantastic streaming online, in radio broadcasts, and in the club. From Pop to House, there are no limits to where you can go with these acapellas.

You’ll also find a bonus construction kit and explainer video showing you how the demo track was produced using the vocal samples included in the collection. Each performance is a royalty-free production and can be used without restriction in your music. How you slice, dice and serve is entirely up to you.

Heavy Vocals:

This searing collection of Heavy Vocals is even better than what you hear in the demo track! With both wet and dry acapella recordings, you’ll slice and process your way to epic Rock and Roll fandom. If you’ve been looking for male vocals that can handle a healthy dose of distortion or even all-out mangling, look no further.

Heavy Vocals also includes a construction kit and helpful tutorial video sharing how the demo track was created using the same stems. A rather brilliant bonus that can spark your creative fire before you even get the sounds into your DAW.

A passionate performance, deep lyrics and variety of BPMs to work with – it all adds up to a must-have sample pack that’ll take your songs to a whole new level of metal. Fire up the amp and cancel your plans, you’re going to be busy tonight!

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Key Features

Total Files: 167
Total Size: 3.54 GB
Includes 3 Premium Acapella Packs
Male and Female Vocals
Bonus construction kits
100% Royalty Free Rights
Instantly download after purchase

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    Ultimate Vocal Bundle 2 by GHOSTHACK

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