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Veevum 1-12 Bundle by Audiofier
Veevum 1-12 Bundle by Audiofier
Veevum 1-12 Bundle by Audiofier

Veevum 1-12 Bundle by Audiofier




For only $85.00 (normally $420.00), get the Veevum 1-12 Bundle featuring 12 products in the series by Audiofier.

Veevum is a growing series of Ambient and Cinematic instruments for modern producers and composers.

Products included: Veevum Luna, Veevum Terra, Veevum Astra, Veevum Real, Veevum A/D, Veevum One, Veevum Sync Carbon Edition, Veevum Sync Silver Edition, Veevum Sync Gold Edition, Veevum Beat, Veevum Human and Veevum Sync Guitarscapes.

With Veevum’s unique “honeycomb style” interface you will focus more on the sound relying more on your ears than your sight to look for that specific sound you had in mind.

This is an amazing offer you should not miss, hurry and save!

NOTE: This bundle requires the paid version of Kontakt 5.8.1. It will not work with the free Kontakt player.

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Veevum 1-12 Bundle by Audiofier

Expand your sonic palette with 12 essential Veevum libraries, including essential tools from both the Veevum Series and Veevum Sync Series.

This innovative instrument series transcends traditional interfaces, letting you sculpt sounds intuitively through the honeycomb "Cell Beehive".

Ditch endless lists and meaningless names. Find the perfect sound instantly by listening, not searching. Explore 100+ sound sources per instrument, easily randomized or filtered for endless sonic possibilities.

Breathe life into your music with powerful arpeggiators, step effects, and an intuitive "Ornamento" engine for note embellishments. Experiment with various playing modes (Random, Stack, Spread) and morph sounds with the evolving Stack Curve mode. Sculpt your sonic palette with a powerful Convolver, randomized FX, and a suite of classic effects.


VEEVUM ONE: Lo-Fi Powerhouse

Dive into the iconic sound of the Roland S-50 with VEEVUM ONE, the first in the VEEVUM SERIES. Fifty meticulously multisampled instruments capture the S-50's legendary warmth and punch, retaining its low-end power even across the keyboard.

Sample rate options (15khz & 30khz) let you choose between classic S-50 lo-fi grit or pristine clarity while preserving the sampler's unique character.

VEEVUM A/D: Beyond Synths

Dive into a world of rich textures and expressive sounds with VEEVUM A/D. This library blends recordings from legendary analog and digital synths with custom-designed patches built for the Veevum Series' unique sound architecture. Explore a sonic palette of:

  • Warm analog pads and atmospheres
  • Intriguing noise textures and randomizations
  • Sparse, evocative note performances

VEEVUM REAL: Organic Textures, Evolving Soundscapes

Transform acoustic instruments into sonic frontiers with VEEVUM REAL. This library blends deeply processed recordings with free-flowing performances, pushing the boundaries of organic sound. Explore a world of:

  • Uniquely sculpted textures - From subtly processed to unrecognizable, discover a wealth of sonic possibilities.
  • Unpredictable rhythmic elements - Breathe life into your music with evolving, ever-surprising performances.
  • Effortless layering - Combine sounds intuitively to create unique and expressive textures.

VEEVUM ASTRA: Uncharted Sonic Journeys

Explore the next frontier of sound design with VEEVUM ASTRA, the fourth chapter in the VEEVUM SERIES. Embark on evolving sonic journeys with instruments that morph and twist in unpredictable ways, even within a single note. Unlock:

  • Continuously evolving textures: Dive into soundscapes that transform effortlessly, defying repetition and stagnation.
  • Unpredictable sonic mutations: Discover the thrill of the unexpected with unique sonic shifts within each instrument.
  • Intuitive layering: Combine sounds to craft your own signature textures, seamlessly integrated with the VEEVUM SERIES engine.


VEEVUM TERRA: Where Earth Meets Ether

Embrace the fusion of classic and cutting-edge with VEEVUM TERRA. This library blends meticulously sampled acoustic instruments, processed through vintage gear (tape, consoles, preamps) for an earthy, unique character. Unleash:

  • Organic textures: Rediscover the warmth and grit of classic recording equipment.
  • Modern edge: Explore deeply processed soundscapes that push beyond traditional instruments.
  • Genre-defying versatility: Craft ambient soundscapes, cinematic scores

VEEVUM LUNA: Gritty Sonicscapes From Earth and beyond

Unleash your sonic mayhem with VEEVUM LUNA, the most daring installment in the VEEVUM SERIES. Explore a twisted soundscape crafted by pushing synths through evolving guitar pedals, creating a spectrum of sonic possibilities.

Dive into:

  • Spacey textures: Drift through ethereal atmospheres and swirling nebulae of sound.
  • Dusty grooves: Grind down dusty roads with distorted rhythms and pulsating textures.
  • Boundless experimentation: Push the boundaries of traditional sound design with a canvas of ever-evolving sonic chaos.


VEEVUM HUMAN: The Voice of Veevum

Harness the power of the human voice, transformed and twisted into sonic alchemy with VEEVUM HUMAN. This library transcends traditional vocals, offering a diverse palette of:

  • Vocal Textures & Lines: From ethereal whispers to raging screams, explore a spectrum of male and female vocal expressions, infused with rhythmic effects.
  • Pads, Soundscapes, & More: Craft otherworldly atmospheres, pulsing rhythms, and intricate textures – all born from the human voice.
  • Organic & Unrecognizable: Discover the delicate beauty and raw power of the human voice, pushed beyond its natural boundaries.


These are the newest innovations in our acclaimed VEEVUM SERIES. Craft genre-defying music with a vast library of tempo-syncing loops featuring:

  • Pulses, riffs, phrases, rhythms, arpeggios, and more: Endless sonic possibilities await.
  • Randomize, preset, or customize: Shape your soundscapes with intuitive order controls.
  • Effortless tempo sync: Loops adapt seamlessly to your DAW's tempo, or explore double/half speed options.


VEEVUM SYNC – CARBON EDITION: Grit & Momentum into Your Music

Unleash the raw power of VEEVUM SYNC – Carbon Edition, the 7th installment in our acclaimed VEEVUM SERIES. This electrifying library explodes with multi-sampled loops, meticulously crafted from instruments designed for sonic impact.

Infuse your tracks with:

  • Gritty pulses: Dive into a collection of pulsating rhythms that add undeniable drive and energy to your music. Think distorted percussion, pumping basslines, and searing leads, all infused with a raw, industrial edge.
  • Momentum and motion: Propel your sonic journey forward with meticulously constructed loops that build tension, create movement, and keep your listeners hooked.
  • Genre-defying versatility: Experiment across genres, from pulsating electronica to dark cinematic scores, to hard-hitting rock and beyond. VEEVUM SYNC – Carbon Edition is your sonic Swiss army knife.

VEEVUM SYNC – SILVER EDITION: Illuminate Your Music with Light & Shimmer

VEEVUM SYNC – SILVER EDITION isn't just another instrument; it's a sonic paintbrush to add sparkling textures and light-as-air details to your music. As the 8th installment in the acclaimed VEEVUM SERIES, it brings you a unique collection of:

  • Luminous loops: Dive into a world of shimmering pulses, ethereal arpeggios, and airy textures, meticulously crafted to add subtle movement and elegance to your compositions.
  • Designed moods and riffs: Forget endless sound lists – SILVER EDITION offers curated collections of sounds built to inspire. Explore soaring leads, delicate pads, and playful rhythmic elements, all designed to evoke specific moods and emotions.
  • Effortless exploration: Forget sifting through menus. With SILVER EDITION's intuitive honeycomb interface, you can instantly find the perfect sound by listening, not searching.

VEEVUM SYNC – GOLD EDITION: Organic Pulse & Motion into Your Music

Dig into the rich sonic textures of VEEVUM SYNC – GOLD EDITION, the 9th installment in our acclaimed VEEVUM SERIES. This library transcends ordinary loops, offering multi-sampled loops of meticulously recorded acoustic instruments to infuse your music with organic pulse, momentum, and life. Experience:

  • Organic rhythms: Drive your tracks forward with pulsating beats, intricate grooves, and dynamic percussive textures, all drawn from real acoustic instruments.
  • Expressive melodies: Craft soaring leads, soulful vocals, and evocative strings, each brimming with the natural character and nuance of their acoustic counterparts.
  • Momentum that breathes: Escape the rigidity of electronic loops. GOLD EDITION loops adapt and evolve subtly, mirroring the natural ebb and flow of human performance.


Forget traditional guitar libraries. VEEVUM SYNC GUITARSCAPES explodes with sonic alchemy, pushing guitar recordings into a universe of new textures and possibilities. Dive into:

  • Curated sonic expeditions: Meticulously crafted using diverse equipment, effects, and plugins, each sound offers a unique journey beyond the ordinary.
  • Cinematic, ambient, electronic, and more: Infuse your creations with genre-bending textures, perfect for film scores, ethereal soundscapes, electronic explorations, and emotional journeys.
  • Reimagine the guitar: Experience instruments reborn, transcending their origins to inspire unparalleled sonic storytelling.

VEEVUM BEAT: the intuitive drum loop powerhouse.

Forget tedious sample hunts; dive into a massive library of 3200+ drum and percussion loops, encompassing pristine acoustics to hyper-processed textures. Organized in user-friendly "Sound Hexagons," layering and manipulation become effortless.

Say goodbye to repetitive beats. VEEVUM BEAT's intelligent engine conjures endless variations with a click, automatically capturing your favorites for instant recall. Sculpt and refine with deep customization options, including effects chains, individual track editing, and flexible playback modes.

Whether crafting ambient soundscapes, driving cinematic scores, or exploring uncharted sonic territories, VEEVUM BEAT empowers your rhythmic vision. Its sonic versatility knows no bounds.

$420.00 Value




12 libraries Veevum style
Over 55GB of sounds
4300+ Multisamples sounds and loops
Hundreds of presets
Slices Sequencer
7 Playing Modes (Random, Random+ Persistent, Fixed Random, Stack, Spread, Curves, Velocity Layers)
Key/Scale manager & Voice Manager
Volume & Filter Step Sequencers
Sound Sources Mixer
Requires the FULL VERSION OF KONTAKT 5.8.1 or above, it will not work with Kontakt Player

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    Veevum 1-12 Bundle by Audiofier

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