Rigid Audio Bundle

For as low $39 (instead of $746), get the massive Rigid Audio Bundle using your rewards. This bundle comprises of Aquiver, Cinematrix, Synferno, Supine, Padstation 2, Hypernode and Outerspace bundle!

These are some of the best products from Rigid Audio and are available at an insane exclusive deep discount for only a few days.

Based in Berlin, Rigid Audio creates premium and excellently programmed Kontakt instruments focused on sound design.

Originally $746, the whole bundle is now available for as low $39 with your rewards cash.

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Overview: Products Included

hypernode by rigid audio

Hypernode is a fully modular Electronic Music Arranger with a collection of over 300 Kontakt Mulit-Instruments made from over 600 factory sounds (24 bit, 44 khz), ranging from keys and guitars to synthesizer waveforms and hybrids.
This library is perfect for all kinds of contemporary electronic music styles and genres including pop, dance, ambient, chillout and downtempo!

$219 Value

aquiver by rigid audio

AQUIVER delivers 1000 powerful, deep and soaring granular sounds. It is powered by a custom granular engine that can play hundreds of small grains of audio with no huge CPU impact. AQUIVER is ideal for movie scoring, underscore and futuristic sound design.

$99 Value

lyrical cello phrases

Padstation 2 is a 5 GB Library with 400 multisampled pad sounds. Includes all Padstation 1 sounds (16 Bit/44 KHZ) and 3 GB brand new sounds 24 Bit/44 KHZ. Padstation 2 contains 100% royalty free sounds that you can use right away and comes with randomization button for random sound generation.

$99 Value

CINEMATRIX delivers truly unique and inspiring sounds right out of the box. It is a state-of-the-art cinematic loop module for KONTAKT containing 350 different kits that can be played in tandem across four categories (Bass, Melody, Ambience and Groove).

$89 Value

synferno by rigid audio

SYNFERNO is a cinematic Sound Module containing 300 different kits that can be played in tandem across 4 categories (Bass, Synth, Ambient and Groove). These 300 Kits can be loaded by dragging and dropping the separate *.NKI files.

$87 Value

supine by rigid audio

SUPINE delivers truly unique and inspiring sounds right out of the box. It is a ambient loop and multisample instrument module for KONTAKT containing 350 different kits that can be played in tandem across four categories (Pad, Synth 1 & 2 and FX).

$79 Value

outerspace bundle by rigid audio

The Outerspace bundle contains 3 products: Space, Space 2 and Ghost. With a combined 300+ loops and epic sounding drones and textures, these Kontakt libraries are perfect for film scoring and can be easily inserted with just a click!

$74 Value


key Features

  • 28.9GB total download size / 34GB uncompressed
  • 9 top-selling Kontakt instruments.
  • Over 3300 custom preset patches.
  • Ideal for movie scoring, underscore, sound-design etc..
  • Pads, Textures, Strings, Ambiences, Soundscapes, Effects and more.
  • Powerful and intuitive user interfaces.
  • Requires the full retail version of Kontakt version 5.8.1


retail price 746
current price 378 base price39