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A Huge Collection of Hand-Crafted Atmospheric Pads & Drones

Brad Hoyt's harp guitar

A custom 30-string acoustic harp guitar. It captures the classical-modern hybrid sound perfectly with deep multi-sampling of all strings, including plucks, palm-mutes, chokes, slides, and more.

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$99 Value

Street Erhu

A unique live-performance phrase library featuring over 4600 Chinese Erhu violin phrases performed by Qi Xin Huang. It includes 12 songs recorded on the streets and 40 songs recorded in a subway station, designed with essential user controls.

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$49 Value

bizzare sitar

A small hand-held sitar library, featuring a variety of beautiful chromatically plucked, strummed and bowed articulations. It also includes creative presets, sound-designed ambiences and an intuitive GUI.

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$39 Value

aeolian fan harp

A unique wind-blown steel-stringed zither by Dust Bowl Guitars, based on ancient Greek wind harps. This 12-string fretless instrument makes its own wind with a fan! It includes pluck, strum, arpeggiator, FX rack, custom FX and more.

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$39 Value


A custom-built, mallet and string instrument, ideal for composers looking for new disturbing, horror-like textures for their scores. It offers a variety of timbres like strikes, creaks, scrapes, shrieks, plucks, dongs, tremolos, vibratos and more.

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$39 Value


A hollow-bodied 8-string fretless zither played with finger picks and palm mute articulations and custom FX patches. At it’s softest, it has a pristine, harp-like sound, while the hardest notes twang deeply at the attack.

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$29 Value

bowed bucket

This hand-made instrument built from a 5-gallon plastic bucket, wooden 4×4 beam, bass tuners and cello strings with bowed, plucked, and struck articulations all loaded into a GUI for maximum creativity.

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$29 Value

fountain wires

A shady fountain sanctuary ringed by tightly strung steel cable fencing. Its curious, bass-heavy resonance from the cables mixed with the peaceful white noise from the fountains is a perfect companion for your next experimental project.

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$19 Value


Tons of Articulations, Powerful Sound-Design Tools & Modular FX Rack

SOUNDIRON · Soundiron String Bundle

key Features

  • 8 Unique Stringed Instruments
  • Tons of Articulations, Powerful Sound-Design Tools & Modular FX Rack
  • A Huge Collection of Hand-Crafted Atmospheric Pads & Drones
  • All Available for the Full Version of Kontakt



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