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JUST OUT: OPACITY by Audiomodern

OPACITY by Audiomodern is a brand new release from Audiomodern, the developers behind Paths 1 and 2, ATOM, and the fantastic plugin Riffer, among others. This exciting new library focuses on one of my favorite instruments, the guitar, and features highly playable phrases, sequences, chords, and beautiful ambience. Opacity is... Read More »
audiomodern abuser

Audiomodern Abuser

Audiomodern Abuser Audiomodern Abuser is another great addition to the Audiomodern catalog. Audiomodern synths all share a very signature sound. Their synths an this excellent glitched out, dark, gritty, modern vibe. In this audio plugin review I'll take a look at Audiomodern Abuser. In the making of this synth, analog... Read More »
top 5 fx plugins

Top 5 Audio FX Plugins

Today I wanted to share my top 5 favorite audio plugins. For this list I will be focusing solely on effects plugins, used in mixing and mastering, as opposed to synths or VST instruments. Some of us have a massive collection of sample libraries and synths, and know a bit... Read More »