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MUZE Essentials Bundle

Musing with the Muze Essentials Bundle!

Today we’re going to have a look and listen to the Muze Essentials Bundle, which includes NINE… that’s right, NINE different libraries for Kontakt FULL. Some of you may be familiar with Muze already, either from owning some of their libraries or from seeing our previous deals with them on… Read More »

Sampletekk WG2 MkII Studio Grand Piano

From Sweden With Love – Sampletekk WG2 MkII Studio Grand Piano Library for Kontakt

So Many Years, So Many Pianos Sampletekk began developing piano libraries in 2004. Based in Sweden, the team brings their many years of studio experience and musicianship to every library they produce, and you can hear the results in each note. Going through the list of libraries, one would likely... Read More »
Putty Piano by Riot Audio

Writing a minimal orchestral underscore cue with Riot Audio’s Putty Piano!

Today we’re going to explore how to write a minimalist, dramatic underscore with Riot Audio’s Putty Piano. This is a new product we have at a great low price, from the same developer who brought you Bowed Guitar Clouds and Bowed Glass Clouds. Click button below to subscribe to our... Read More »