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Royal Plugins Bundle by WA Production

Quick Look: Royal Plugins Bundle from WA Production

The W.A Productions Royal Plugin bundle is a powerhouse of music making tools. All the tools included are perfect for making music in a fun and less “programmer” way. You have a great sounding and simple to program synth with over 250 presets in the box, By the name of... Read More »
factory by sugar bytes

Dive into a sound design utopia with Factory by Sugar Bytes!

Factory is an immensely powerful and intuitive synth plugin by Sugarbytes. Factory takes synth programming to another level by making it easy and more importantly, FUN! Click button below to subscribe to our Youtube channel! At it’s heart, Factory is a polyphonic modular synthesizer plugin, which runs as a VST... Read More »
karanyi free synths dx

[FREE Download] Synths DX by Karanyi Music – A Quick Taste!

Synths DX is a fantastic synth library for Kontakt by Karanyi Music, and guess what?! It’s FREE! Featuring 60+ instruments in separate NKI files, this library really excels at atmospheric pads, thick analog basses, deep drones, and more. I was blown away by the quality of sounds featured in this... Read More »