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Soundiron Horror Collection

Soundiron Horror Collection


Soundiron Horror Sound Effects Library Collection

The Soundiron Horror Collection features a variety of great horror inspired instruments. This collection spans from SFX, Foley Design, creature and survivor voice acting, as well as musical instruments and percussion. If you’re making horror music or SFX for movies, TV shows, games, or software reviews, this bundle will be an excellent addition to your arsenal!

At Audio Plugin Deals, you can grab this bundle for as low as $199! This is quite a bargain, with the retail cost hitting nearly $500.

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Aztec Death Whistle

First off is the Aztec Death Whistle. This instrument is sampled from the ancient wind instrument, the Aztec death whistle. This clay resonator was used during both battle, and during ritualistic human sacrifice. Talk about horrifying!  You too can now have the spine chilling sound of this 14th and 15th century instrument. Some may even say this sound is quite representative of death itself.

Various options are available to customize the sound. An arp offers some interesting possibilities. And various recording methods were implemented, such as close and far takes, some in larger spaces for deep ambient tones. The Aztec Death Whistle was a great jump into the Soundiron Horror Collection!

Sick 1 sound effects library

Sick 1 offers users a selection of spooky SFX. From terrifying creatures both demonic and zombified, to crashing impacts, to the tearing of flesh, this library offers spooky SFX of a truly professional caliber.

This library would work great for both SFX design in movies, games, and TV, or to add a dark haze to your music! There are 8 categories to rummage through; agony, blunt force, brand, choke, madness, nightmares, purgatory, and scream.

Sick 2 horror sound design


With Sick 2, you’ll hear the thing that goes bump in the night. Well, the things. The sounds offered here are exactly what you don’t want to hear when you’re home alone. The sound designers captured the essence of terror by exploring an abandoned Civil War and World War I era naval artillery bunker, as well as a World War II and Cold War-era warship. There are over 200 high quality horror SFX and lush sound beds to choose from.

Sick 3 horror music design collection

In Sick 3 you will find deep, rich, unnerving atmosphere. When you dive into these libraries you will be transported to hellish landscapes and nightmarish realms. With monsters shambling and hordes moaning, you may even think you’ve slipped into a fever dream. The team who made Sick 3 traveled through abandoned industrial zones, military bases, and other ruins to capture high quality field recordings. Sick 3 also offers you 335 live stereo convolution reverb impulse response files. In doing this, they’ve captured the vibe of various horror-centric environments including bunkers, waterfronts, graveyards, warehouses, prisons, and more.

Sick 4 music and sound production library

The grotesque sound effects of Sick 4 is not for the squeamish. The team who made Sick 4 took to massacring a bunch of pumpkins in a variety of ways. They used their own fists and boots to punch and stomp the pumpkins. And they also took a variety of weapons such as saws, drills, wrenches, crowbars, and hammers to beat the pumpkins to a fine mist. Recording these sounds results in a sickly satisfying library great for sound designers looking to infuse some nauseating horror into their productions.

Sick 5 Virtual Tuned and String Percussion Wind Instruments, effects mystery and dramatic soundtracks.

With Sick 5 you’ll find melodic instruments. From plucked strings and mallets to unique winds and whistles, these musical effects are perfect for horror, thriller, and sci-fi sound work. Creepy soundscapes, foreboding drones, and harmonious hazes are among the other options afforded by Sick 5. A fast favorite within this selection was undoubtedly the Astral Dirge Pipe.

Sick 6 horror cinematic and trailer sound effects library.

Of all the instruments I tried in the Soundiron Horror Collection, Sick 6 had the most to sift through. This instrument is jam-packed with over 4GB of content. Stingers, booms, impact hits, stabs, swells, risers, pads, drones, and more all offer users the perfect foundation to make horror music for movies, games, TV, and trailers. Browse through the categories and you’ll no doubt find much to work with. Chaos, Electro, Gore, Impact, Reveal, Rising, Strings, and Suspense all offer unique horror elements to capture the perfect vibe. And with the sound-shaping controls and features the possibilities are nearly endless!

Shudder scoring horror and sound design, particularly ambient and environmental horror.

Hear that boom in the night? It might just be Shudder! Shudder offers 501 unique glitched percussion, spooky FX, shocking stingers, atmospheric drones, and intense risers. Looking to add some horror to your tracks? A bit of sound design, or atmospheric ambience? Shudder will have you covered! This library was the brainchild of sound designer Spencer Nunamaker of Juno VHS. With 8 categories to sift through, you’ll find a lot to sink your teeth into with this great library!

Theramin+ Sample Library

Are you looking to get those spooky golden age cinema B horror sounds? Then look no further than Soundirons Theramin +! The Theramin + closely mimics the classic instrument. Having played a real theramin, I must say the experience was very similar. The notes blend together seamlessly. It reminded me, most, of playing a theramin with an autotuned applied. (This enabled more accurate note access.)


The Soundiron Horror Collection is an excellent tool to capture the spooky vibes of horror cinema. These expertly crafted instruments will leave you shaking in your boots, and your clients begging for more horror! Be sure to grab the excellent deal from Audio Plugin Deals if you’re looking to expand your library out towards the unknown and macabre….if you dare.

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    Soundiron Horror Collection

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