Afro Vocals Bundle by Dreadstar Vocals

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For as low as $24.00 (instead of $120) with your rewards, get the Afro Vocals Bundle by Dreadstar Vocals featuring 4 vocal sample packs: Afrobeat Vocal Drops, NU Afro Roots Vocals, Afro Queen Acapella Vocals, and Starboy Afrobeat Vocals.

Weighing in at 2.9 GB, these are some of the most innovative and fresh Afro vocals available in the market. Expect to find melodies, harmonies, phrases, One-shots, vocal FXs, full song stems, and much more!

Included are Male & female acapella vocals from five different Artists hailing from West Africa, sung in Twi, English and broken English popularly known as “Pidgin”. Each vocal is 100% royalty-free ready to use in your tracks, ready to be dropped and edited at your needs.

If you are looking for “original “modern as well as classic African vocals this pack is surely the right choice.

This is a limited time offer you should not miss, hurry and save!

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Overview: Products Included

Original, Modern and Classic African Vocals at a Massive 90% OFF!


The pack contains 4 original songs, sung in English and Pijin (broken English) divided into melodies and harmonies, all vocals were recorded “dry” in pristine 24 bit 44100 Hz. If you are looking for Wizkid, Omah lay, Rema type of vocals this pack is what you are looking for!

+ 76 vocal melodies
+ 21 vocal harmonies
+ 1 vocal stem

Normally $30.00

nu afro roots vocals

The vocals in this pack could be used in composing music of not just an afro feel, but any track which requires a bit of tropical afro feel with tempo ranging from 100 to 117 bpm this pack is suitable for a wide variety of music genres like : afrobeat, afropop, hiphop, R&B and more.

+ 139 vocal melodies
+ 33 vocal phrases
+ 69 one shot vocals

Normally $30.00

afro quen acapella vocals

A collection of sweet female vocals consisting of authentic afro melodies. You get 3 full songs and each song content is divided into full stems, dry and wet to enable you to mix, edit & produce full songs in your personal style. Perfect for authentic and original afrobeat and afropop music.

+ 16 dry vocal stems
+ 18 wet vocal stems
+ 3 full acapella songs

Normally $30.00

afrobeat vocals

Undeniably, the Afrobeat vocal drops sample pack is an authentic selection of energetic vocals which helps to create and compose powerful music with the ability to move every idle shoe to dance.

The vocal pack consists of powerful male vocals on different energy and velocity levels with different male singers and great lyrical output in languages of Pijin, Twi, English and other traditional street jargons.

+ 125 vocal melodies
+ 21 vocal shouts
+ 81 one shot vocals
+ 43 Sfx vocal drops

Normally $30.00


2.9 GB of the most innovative and fresh Afro vocals available in the market

key Features

  • 2.97 GB in size
  • 663 stereo wav files
  • 24 bit 44100 Hz
  • 340 vocal melodies
  • 21 vocal harmonies
  • 35 vocal stems
  • 33 vocal phrases
  • 150 one shots
  • 21 vocal shouts
  • 63 vocal FXs
  • Tempo: 94 to 126 bpm
  • Genre: Afrobeat, Afropop, world music


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