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Black Octopus Mega Bundle – 15 Sample Packs for Just $25

Black Octopus Mega Bundle – 15 Sample Packs for Just $25

Black Octopus - Best Sample Packs 2023

This article discusses the Black Octopus Mega Bundle; a collection of 15 high-quality sample packs for EDM, Hip-Hop, Cinematic, World, and other many other music genres. You can get a collection of the best Black Octopus sample packs at a 95% discount; for just $25 instead of $510.20.

This deal features 15 of the best sample packs created by the leading sound design company; Black Octopus. You will find everything in this pack; from powerful EDM sounds to organic World instruments and vocals. Let us look at each of these packs.

Black Octopus Mega Bundle

  • Charting Future Pop (Reg $34.95)
  • Mystical Sitar (Reg_$34.95)
  • Enchanted Thailand & Burma by David Starfire (Reg $39.95)
  • Temporal DNB (Reg $34.95)
  • Dubstep Bass Nukes ($32.95)
  • Mellow Mornings – Lofi Vibes (Reg $29.95)
  • House of Arps (Reg $29.95)
  • Universal Bass (Reg $29.95)
  • The Golden Hip Hop Principle 3 ($39.95)
  • The Kraken Vol 1 – Dubstep Presets ($59.95)
  • Didgeridoo Massive ($29.95)
  • Tectonic Trap ($27.95)
  • Funky Indian Rhythms (Reg $34.95)
  • Just Organic Shakers 2 (Reg $19.95)
  • Riddim Trap Evolution ($29.95)

1. Charting Future Pop



Price: $34.95

Genre: Future Pop, EDM, Pop

Description: Charting Future Pop is a collection of the best samples for producing Future Pop music. This pack is equally useful for EDM and Pop music. The pack features 986 High-quality sounds that include Drums, melodies, Midi, Vocals, Atmospheres, Loops, One Shots, etc.

2. Mystical Sitar



Price: $34.95

Genre: World, Cinematic

Description: Mystical Sitar is one of the best world sample packs. This pack features the sound of classic Indian Sitar. Mystical Sitar includes a total of 229 sounds divided into 176 Rhythmic loops, 38 One shots, and 15 Non Rhythmic Phrases. The string has a unique timbre and organic sound that can fit right In all kinds of World, cinematic, and other genres.

Enchanted Thailand & Burma by David Starfire



Price: $34.95

Genre: EDM, World

Description: This sample pack is ideal for EDM producers who are looking for something fresh and new. Enchanted Thailand and Burma give the melodic tone of south Asian instruments a new twist by blending it with modern EDM sound design elements. The pack includes 875 sounds in total. That includes 7 Ableton Racks as well as sounds of West Asian instruments.

Temporal DNB (Reg $34.95)



Price: $35.95

Genre: Drum and Bass, EDM

Description: Temporal DnB is one of the best sample packs for Drum and Bass music producers. This pack includes high-quality atmospheres, drum and melody loops, one-shots, FX, and more. You can easily get inspiration from this pack while producing Drum and Bass or similar fast-tempo music genres.

Dubstep Bass Nukes



Price: $32.95

Genre: Dubstep, EDM

Description: If you are looking for a high-quality Dubstep sample pack, look no further than Dubstep Bass Nuke by Lucidity. This pack has a total of 1002 Dubstep samples divided into various categories viz: Bass, Drum, Loops, Bass and Drum one-shots, Fx, Serum Presets, and more.

Mellow Mornings – Lofi Vibes



Price: $29.95

Genre: Lo-fi, Chill, Ambient

Description: Lo-Fi is arguably one of the most popular music genres right now. As more and more producers are creating lo-fi music, it’s essential to get sounds that stand out from the crowd. That’s where the Mellow Mornings comes in. This pack captures the true emotions of Lo-fi music. The sounds in the pack are soft, and mellow and have a touch of Jazz music to them.

House of Arps



Price: $29.95

Genre: EDM, Pop, Dubstep, Trap, Hip-Hop, and more

Description: Arps are one of the most used songwriting elements. Not only do they add fluidity to the song, but also make the sounds interesting. House of Arps is an Arpegiattor dedicated sample pack. This one-of-a-kind packs analog, digital, and metallic arp loops, drum and synth shots, melodies, drum loops, and song starters.

Universal Bass



Price: $29.95

Genre: EDM, Pop, Rock, etc

Description: Universal bass is a collection of well-designed bass samples. The pack includes a series of organic synth as well as organic bass sounds. You can find organic Bass Guitar loops as well as analog and digital synth bass. The pack has 835 bass sounds in total which includes bass loops at different BPM values as well.

The Golden Hip Hop Principle 3



Price: $39.95

Genre: Hip-Hop

Description: The Golden Hip-Hop sample pack is a collection of classic as well as modern hip-hop samples. That includes one shot as well as loops. This pack has 730 sounds in total. This pack is different from all other packs mentioned in the article. Because the Golden Hip-Hop series is mainly divided into song kits rather than individual categories loops. You can find plenty of Song Kits, Song starters, loops, and One shot to kickstart your Hip-Hop beat.

The Kraken Vol 1 – Dubstep Presets



Price: $59.95

Genre: Dubstep, EDM

Description: Xfer Serum is the most used VST plugin for producing Dubstep, Trap, and other EDM and other modern music genres. The Kraken is an exclusive Dubstep preset series by Black Octopus. This pack features 300 outstanding Dubstep presets designed by the best sound designers in the business. There are 300 presets in the pack divided into Arps, Bass, Chord, Pads, Pluck, Lead, FX, and Synths. Furthermore, there are bonus drum samples included in the pack.

Didgeridoo Massive



Price: $29.95

Genre: Multi Genre songwriting pack

Description: Didgeridoo Massive is one of the few sample packs that feature unique and inspirational sounds. This pack is ideal for producers who are looking for a special sound for their project. The Didgeridoo Massive is created by Basement Freaks and features the unique Didgeridoo wind instrument with a twist of modern sound design elements.

Tectonic Trap



Price: $27.95

Genre: Trap, Melodic Dubstep

Description: Tectonic Trap is a dedicated sample pack for modern Trap music. The best feature of this pack is the well-processed samples that leave room for manual processing and synth sounds with unique metallic timbre. The sounds of this pack are tonally balanced and have unique saturation that can make your soundtrack stand out.

Funky Indian Rhythms



Price: $34.95

Genre: World, Indian, Cinematic, Multi-Genre

Description: Funky Indian Rhythms is the world’s biggest modern Indian percussion sample pack. This pack features 1662 drums and percussion loops recorded at different BPM values. The pack features a wide range of classic Indian percussion instruments and drums. There are ensemble loops as well. This pack is ideal for anyone looking for cool World sounds.

Just Organic Shakers



Price: $19.95

Genre: EDM, Pop, Chill, Hip-Hop, etc

Description: You might have already guessed it from the name, but this is a collection of great-sounding organic shaker samples. The Organic Shakers 2 contains 80 shaker loops and 95 shaker one-shots. All the sounds in this sample pack are recorded live thus giving a humanized sound element to your project. This pack is useful for multi genres.

Riddim Trap Evolution



Price: $29.95

Genre: Riddim, Trap, Dubstep, EDM

Description: If you want to produce heavy bass Riddim Trap music, this pack is for you. This pack’s most prominent feature is the collection of best-sounding Xfer Serum presets alongside heavy 808, synth loops, FX, and one shot. The sounds in this pack will give you instant inspiration while producing,

Final Thoughts

Thanks for reading! These were the best sample packs included in the Black Octopus mega bundle. You can get more information through the product page. Make sure to check out other ongoing deals on Audio Plugin Deals as well.

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