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Best Drums Loops and Sequencer Kontakt Libraries

Best Drums Loops and Sequencer Kontakt Libraries


Drums are the backbone of music, primarily responsible for imparting the rhythm to a track.
Being able to create enticing rhythms is crucial if you want to come up with an exciting track.
However, not everyone is a master at drums, and even masters aren’t performing at their best all the time. But that’s not a problem because there are tools that help us at getting started or give the final touch to something we already have drafted in our DAW.
Using loops and sequencers can make the difference between a stale drum groove and a catchy one.
If you’re looking for some cool Kontakt libraries to expand your sonic palette, you should definitely check out these deals on https://staging.audioplugin.deals/shop/.
The cool thing about sticking to Kontakt is that the catalog of libraries available can only expand with time.
Here’s a list of the best drum loops and sequencers Kontakt libraries available on AudioPluginDeals.

Rigid Audio Acoustic Isolation

Acoustic Isolation is a state-of-the-art loop module for KONTAKT containing 800 different loops that can be played in tandem across three categories (Groove, Percussion, and Melody). A fourth user part lets you import your own WAV loops via drag and drop with a breeze.
Each part has its own color-coded range on the keyboard. You can alternatively play the loops sliced using the “SLICE” button in the sequencer pages.
There are special MIDI trigger keys/notes that enable you to retrigger a currently playing slice (when a sequencer is turned on) or to trigger a volume “trance gate” per part.

Rigid Audio Beats & Loops Bundle

SODIUM is a creative drum and beat sequencer for Kontakt.
It also comes with hundreds of included drum sounds to get you started. (You can also import your WAV samples via drag and drop).
SODIUM features four drum sequencers – each one has four distinct drum sounds and 32 steps (divided into two key-switchable patterns).
Each sequencer gives you control over velocity, volume and panning, pitch, decay, (lowcut) filter, reverb, multi-fx, sample offset, and flam.
The step filter is a tempo-synced bandpass filter that randomly changes its cutoff. the amount controls the strength of the cutoff sweeps. the step gate is a classical volume “trance gate.” In the middle are on/off toggle buttons for the various effect sections. To the right is a preset menu with 32 presets and a randomize button that chooses one randomly.
The space reverb comes with 60 impulse responses that you can choose via the dropdown menu.

Sample Logic Modern Animated Percussion

Equipped with over 4,000 unique percussive audio samples and nearly 2,000 presets, MAP has been meticulously programmed around Sample Logic’s proprietary 4-core engine. Each instrument preset contains 4 sound cores, each powered by an independent drum machine running in tandem to trigger 4 different sounds at once. 
This generates perfectly produced and polished loop-like results, but with far more flexibility than simple sampled audio loops. The 4-core engine allows you to change any aspect of any sound at any time, maximizing creativity.
Sample Logic and Soundiron have teamed up to deliver a vast collection of percussive hit samples. From world percussion to EDM kits, the creative team truly set out to cover the entire map of percussive sounds. 
We scoured the globe to sample everything from massive impacts & cinematic transitions to traditionally sampled toms & hand percussion… and everything in between. MAP truly delivers the most diverse collection of percussive sources assembled into one virtual instrument.

Sonuscore Trinity Drums

TRINITY DRUMS is a powerful collection of cinematic and modern grooves combined in a flexible, innovative virtual instrument. The character of the included rhythmic themes ranges from earth-shaking monstrosity to delicate rhythms and even electronic beats – all created from high-quality recordings by the sound design specialists from the Boom Library and produced by the experienced team of composers at Dynamedion.
With the Phrase Sync Mode, it is possible to switch and combine different variations, and layers of a groove live on your keyboard without descending into rhythmic chaos. The instrument intelligently adjusts the timing of newly triggered grooves to fit the currently playing rhythm.
Trying something new and combining different ideas can be an enormous source of inspiration. This instrument allows you to exchange single layers between suitable themes to create new styles.


Craft the character of your drum sounds to perfection in nothing flat. Clean, close room, lo-fi, slowed, smashed, analog tape and tube processing presets make for instant gratification. Combined with more than 10,000 samples, 225 preset kits, 500 preset patterns at the ready. Accelerate and inspire your drum grooves with literally millions of sounds, effects, and control combinations. That’s some serious re-percussions for the modern producer looking to find an edge. 
If you’re tight with vintage drum machine tech, you’ll be immediately charmed by the easy-to-groove user interface of Method 1. A shout out to the old school but with today’s most powerful tools for delivering chart-topping urban drum sounds and ear-captivating beats.
The on-board Swing, Groove, Flam, Pitch and Accent controls bring the perfect human touch to your flow. Make your beats groove like Chambers, Robinson, or Purdie. Better yet, make it sound like your own. For real, you’ve muscled into the Fort Knox of beat-making possibilities.
There’s no faster (or easier) way to create urban, hip hop, trap, rap, old school, new school or any kind of modern beats. Set the foundation with Method’s 32-step, 8-track sequencer that makes pattern creation almost effortless.

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    Best Drums Loops and Sequencer Kontakt Libraries

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