Brand New in The APD Shop – Bleeding Edge Sound Design from Sampletraxx!


A video introducing some epic new products in the audio plugin deals shop.

We now have some brand new products in the shop, from

developer Sampletraxx, whom many of you will be familiar with from our previous deals and livestreams! Sampletraxx is a leading developer of cutting edge sound design for horror/action music and aggressive trailer sounds. Many of their sounds have been used in AAA film and video game trailer campaigns, and now you can have access to all the latest sounds at the best prices with your rewards points!

We have four different Kontakt libraries available as well as one sound pack containing tons of .wav files.

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Braams – The most aggressive and modern braams in the business, from epic brassy booms, sub hits, impacts, morphing basses, and much more!

Old Broken Piano – Perfect for horror scores, this is exactly what the name implies, an old, creaky, broken piano, mutated and processed to the limit, perfect for making disturbing sounds and atmospheres.

Torsion – A gritty trailer toolkit containing cinematic sound effects, tempo locked synths, stutter-stingers, tonal feedback, signature braams and hits, drops, low end whooshes, vocals, risers, reverses, and more!

Cinematic Zither – A beautiful cinematic zither, which in turn has been mangled and processed to create the most disturbing and tense atmospheres and sounds imaginable. Another one that is PERFECT for horror music and trailers.

Custom Tools – A huge sound pack containing hundreds of sound files, from braams, drops, stingers, risers, reverses, to kicks, hits, impacts, booms, and more!

Don’t miss out on the epic savings!

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