Checking Out Acoustic Lounge by UEBERSCHALL!

Acoustic Lounge by UEBERSCHALL

Enjoy the smooth, soulful sounds of Acoustic Lounge by Ueberschall!

Today we have another great deal from Ueberschall, running in their free Elastik 3 sampler engine. Many of you who have been following our page for a while are familiar with how the Ueberschall products work, but if you aren’t, these are loop-based construction kits, and with Acoustic Lounge, you’ll get relaxing and jazzy melodies and rhythms that range from 70-90bpm.

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There are three banks included, Acoustic Lounge A (70 bpm), Acoustic Lounge B (80 bpm), and Acoustic Lounge C (90 bpm). Each of these banks has 8 separate kits for a total of 24 unique kits available, each with separate melodies and rhyhtms for intro, outro, verse, and chorus.

Some of the melodic loops contain instruments such as acoustic and electric guitars, acoustic and electric bass, saxophones, electric pianos and keys, synths, and more. Of course you also get a variety of rhythms and percussion, with each piece of the drum kit isolated in individual layers for ultimate flexibility.

While each kit has a certain vibe, you can also mix and match different elements from all of them, such as taking the drum loop from Kit A and layering it with the saxophone melody from Kit B. Take a look at the video and check out some of the soulful sounds!

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