Checking Out Red Room Audio’s Cue Builders – Cinematic Rhythms

Red Room Audio’s Cue Builders – Cinematic Rhythms

Red Room Audio’s Cue Builders – Cinematic Rhythms is the ultimate percussive loop engine for epic, cinematic and world music. Many of us are familiar with percussive, loop based libraries such as Action Strikes or Damage, but Red Room Audio’s approach is more natural and offers more flexibility and versatility.

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Cue Builders Cinematic Rhythms contains a huge amount of loops and percussive layers, and they’re available in an impressive variety of time signatures as well. Of course we have the tried-and-true 4/4 (FOUR whole banks of 4/4), but we also get more unique and less used time signatures, such as 2/4, 5/4, 12/8, 6/8, and 7/8.


There are two main categories, Epic Rhythms and World Rhythms. When you load one of the instruments, the loops are mapped all across your keyboard, and each loop contains multiple layers (up to 6 different layers): Low 1, Low 2, Mid 1, Mid 2, High 1, and High 2. You can mute or solo any of these layers at any time, so you have access to the full spectrum of each rhythmic section. 


Many percussion/loop libraries sound very processed or “hyped”, but Cue Builders is very natural and organic sounding, which I think many composers will appreciate. There are multiple mic positions as well, to get a more up-close and intimate sound, or a more epic and roomy sound. This library can be used for practically any cinematic genre, from epic trailers, traditional action scoring, and world/ethnic music from all corners of the globe.


In this video we will explore how to use the library to build an actual cue, one that’s very bold and intense, and one that’s more subtle and textured. Check it out!

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