Checking Out Origin X by Artistry Audio!

Origin X the new loop based instrument for native instruments kontakt. Created by the new team over at Artistry Audio.

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The instrument take for of 2 loop decks each with pre loaded loop sets built to compliment one another and within a set musical key. 

Origin X by Artistry Audio

The layout on the keyboard allows you to quickly navigate and move between the two decks, and have one deck affected in a different way to the other seamlessly blend the two or layer for trippy deep results. 


All the parameters you could need are adjustable, And the effect chains easily configurable to 4 main macro controls, These can be automated or trigged with steps sequencing within the GUI.

Origin X by Artistry Audio

The interface adapts and changes depending on what you need from the library, But in its base state its understated, non distracting and all about the instant sound satisfaction. 

Origin X by Artistry Audio

Watch the video today to see how Unders was able to create a deep evolving soundscape to start off a track in just a few minutes. 

With over 1400 loops inside and thousands of possible ways to mangle, enrich and destroy the sounds you won’t run out of creative inspiration anytime soon. 

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