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paths bundle

The Paths bundle from Audiomodern is the perfect solution for beatmakers and composers who want to have access to the latest and most cutting edge rhythmic and melodic loops on the market. The bundle includes two libraries: Paths and Paths 2, which both require Kontakt (FULL VERSION) to run.

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The sounds in this bundle are perfect for a wide variety of genres, but are mainly focused on electronic, ambient, and chill/downtempo. Both libraries contain a variety of construction kits featuring melodic basslines, atmospheres, textures, kicks, hi-hats, percussion, and more. Each kit will sync to your DAW’s tempo, and you can easily change the pitch, or key, of the melodic elements by using the red keys highlighted in the GUI.


You can simply hold down one key to access the entire kit, with all layers playing simultaneously, or you can go up an octave on your keyboard and have access to each of the individual layers individually (6 separate layers). That way, you can separate the melodic elements from the rhythmic elements, in case you just want to use the cutting edge percussion loops without the melodies attached. The effects page lets you apply a variety of different effects to each layer individually as well.


Check out the video to see how we can use Paths to enhance and add textures to an electronic/house style kick and bassline, and also how we can use Paths 2 to enhance a more cinematic style track!

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2 years ago

Too Many products pigeon holed to Kontakt (FULL VERSION)

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