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Checking Out the Audiofier Synth Bundle!

Checking Out the Audiofier Synth Bundle!


The latest bundle from Audiofier contains Sequi2r EX (with all the expansions!) and Sequi2r Synth, two sequence based libraries for Kontakt (FULL version required).

Both of these libraries have nearly identical controls, so once you learn how to use one, you will feel right at home with the other. Sequi2r EX has 660 separate natural/acoustic sound sources such as strings, guitars, ethnic instruments, electric and acoustic basses, keys, and more. Sequi2r synth, as the name implies, focuses on synth waveforms instead!

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Both libraries are inspiring and very easy to use, but also very deep and powerful tools. Each snapshot has up to 8 programmable sequences, all controllable by keyswitch. You can make your own sequences by holding down a note, adjusting the melodies and velocities in the sequencer, and then hitting “save” on the interface. You can also select from different scales and keys on the fly, and there are more advanced options such as legato mode and options to adjust which note the sequence will repeat on, so you can continue to play new keys and harmonies only in one section of the sequence instead of starting back at the beginning. It’s quite advanced so check out the video to learn the basics and how to get the most out of these super inspiring libraries! Perfect for pulses, arpeggios, and adding rhythm and movement to tracks in any genre.

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    Checking Out the Audiofier Synth Bundle!

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