Checking Out Shapiro 2 by Channel Robot!

Shapiro 2 is a VST synth from Channel Robot which features 8 oscillators and aims to provide a totally new way to manipulate sound, helping you to stand out from the crowd! There are a variety of presets to choose from, including pads, keys, leads, effects, arps, basses, and more, but the real fun here comes from the automation and morphing options, allowing you to create insane sounds and experimental synths in record time.

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Wave shaping, multiple LFOS, effects, and randomizers work in tandem to allow you to not only create new, mind bending sounds, but have fun doing so! There’s a ton to unpack here, with all the LFOS and features, but just take a look at the video for a brief overview of the synth and how you can use it to create new sounds, or use the included presets to build a track.

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