Checking Out Ascension + Expansions by WA Production!

Ascension + Expansions by WA Production

Ascension is a VST synth plugin and rompler collaboration between EDM masters WA Productions and Cubic Audio, and ,quite frankly, it contains everything you need to produce a finished track from scratch using just ONE plugin.

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Ascension has 4 oscillators which can load either waveforms or samples, so it functions as a synth and a rompler all in one. The developers tout it as an “all in one dance music workstation”, and it definitely delivers on that claim. You get hundreds of presets, MIDI chords and sequences, tons of effects and sound shaping options, and even expansion packs which each focus on a different genre, from Trap to Analog Classics!

The presets include arps, basses, plucks, pads, leads, sequences, FX, drums, and more! This plugin focuses on a huge variety of EDM styles like trance, pop, acid, house, trap, dubstep, ambient, techno, and more, but it also is great for any style including cinematic, commercial, and hybrid electronic.

The inclusion of the expansion packs, and even MIDI sequences and chords to get you started, makes this an excellent plugin for producers of all experience levels, from beginners who want more presets to veteran producers who want a great, low resource option to experiment and create new sounds. It even has something for the sound designers and trailer composers as well, capable of creating everything from ambient pads, poppy plucks, to chilling basses and wild leads. Don’t miss this deal while it lasts!

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