Checking Out Lyric Series String Quintet by Kirk Hunter Studios

The Lyric Series String Quintet from Kirk Hunter Studios is a library focused on getting great results quickly, with super low resource consumption, an intuitive interface and unparalleled playability. Featuring five instruments: two violins, two cellos, and one viola, the focus of this library is to provide an all-in-one, easy to use resource for writing solo string lines, or writing music for a string quartet. The two violins and two cellos each provide a very different tone and sound from one another, so you can easily write harmonizing lines for two cellos or two violins without any phasing issues.

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The star of the show for me is the legato patches, especially for the two violins. These patches are SUPER playable, providing incredible ease of use. They can function as fast legato, slow and lyrical legato, short notes, accented legato, and portamento all within one easy to use patch. You can control the dynamics with CC information or by velocity, and the same goes for vibrato. There’s a ton of control over how you can perform these instruments, but it’s never too complicated or complex: just load it up and play, and you will get great results!

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