Checking Out Barrage from Hidden Path Audio, the ultimate Cinematic Percussion Toolkit!

Barrage by Hidden Path Audio

Face an onslaught of epic proportions with Barrage from Hidden Path Audio, the ultimate Cinematic Percussion Toolkit!

Barrage is focused on not only giving you instantly usable epic percussion, it also delivers impressive versatility with the option to design your own ensembles quickly and easily with the Ensemble Designer. You can easily load up any of the individual instruments of course, but the magic happens when you load the Ensemble Designer and make your own unique sound by layering any of the different percussion elements together with ease. Simply click the name of the drums you want to have included, adding optional sub layers, high elements (snares, cymbals, anvils/metals, etc) and sound design layers (tonal, mangled, tails, atmospheres). Not only can you mix and match and create the perfect percussion palette for your project, you can add effects to add punch and compression (Slam), reverb, EQ, and more.

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Every ensemble and solo instrument has three mic positions so you can go from up-close and intimate to roomy resonance with ease, and each of the solo instruments offer a lot of detail and realism. They can be used on their own for a more intimate percussion sound, or added on top of any of the ensembles for more power and detail. Not to mention the included sound design percussion, which are more processed and over the top, and can act as perfect effects and massive hits for cinematic trailers and action music.

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