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[WATCH] Checking out Beatskillz Super 80s Bundle!

[WATCH] Checking out Beatskillz Super 80s Bundle!


Hold onto your butts – things are about to get STRANGE!

Get ready to jump back in time to the 1980’s with this bundle from Beatskillz. Featuring three ultra focused synths, three drum libraries, and one effect plugin, this will definitely fulfill your need for 80s sounds, whether it be synthwave, pop, cinematic, or just experimental sound design and textures.

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This bundle is packed full of instantly usable sounds, focused on a very specific time frame, so they are pretty much guaranteed to drum up some serious nostalgia for fans of 80’s music, movies, and TV shows (even a certain modern TV show which takes place in that same time period).

All of these synths feature a warm, analog sound with a modern interface and features.

Synthwave KZ – Focused on the current 80’s revival sounds like synthwave, vaporwave, chillwave, etc. While it’s steeped in nostalgia and emulates the sounds of yesteryear, it’s also more relevant than ever.

Retro KZ – a high definition ROMpler bringing you the rich, cinematic sounds of 80’s TV shows, movies, and more.Dark KZ – focused on the darker and more mysterious sounds, this synth excels at horror and tension and dark soundscapes.

Drums included-

Synthwave Drums – bringing you all the best drum machine sounds from the 80’s which are also currently use prominently in the current 80’s revival movement, this drum plugin features both dry and processed sounds to give you instant results or the choice to add your own processing.

Retro Hit – over 600 drum hits inspired directly from 80’s pop culture and your favorite hit songs. This also features both dry and processed sounds.

Breakdance Drums – focused specifically on the hits from 80’s hip hop, break-beats, and breakdance music, these drum sounds are filled with character.

And finally we have, That Thing (effect plugin), a multi effects processor and sound design tool which can be used in a myriad of ways, from thickening leads and basses to manipulating and designing textures based off any sound source you choose.

If you are lacking any of the sounds required to emulate those classic 80’s sounds for any genre, from cinematic to modern synthwave, look no further! We’ve got you covered with the Beatskillz bundle!

-Brian Freeland, APD

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    [WATCH] Checking out Beatskillz Super 80s Bundle!

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