Hot New Products in The Shop from Black Octopus!

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Calling all producers and artists: we’ve got some fresh new sounds for you, straight from the geniuses over at Black Octopus. The sounds from Black Octopus are huge hits in the hip-hop and EDM community, and also a valuable tool for producers and composers of all genres! Today we’re excited to announce the addition of these new products available now at hugely discounted prices:

Emotional Strings – A sample pack containing beautiful and realistic string arrangements, in multiple keys and BPMs, with a ton of expressive and emotional phrases to load up and drop directly into your tracks: no processing or tweaking needed, these just sound GOOD. They contain full arrangements, as well as stems for Solo Cello, Cello Ensemble, String Quartets, Piano, and more! Perfect for beats and tracks with a classical or cinematic flavor.

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The Saga – Powerful and emotional: while Emotional Strings is more on the intimate side, Saga is huge and lush, ready to be used in any genre from fully arranged pop songs to cinematic trailer music. Featuring rich orchestral arrangements, beautiful piano, drums, cellos and violins, synths, and more, this will take your productions to a new level of epic power and pure emotion that can only be achieved with realistic orchestral instruments and arrangements!

Limitless Bundle – featuring incredible and cutting edge sounds and presets created for Xfer’s Serum, created by electronic music wizard MDK. These feature an overall retro/chiptune vibe, capturing the heart and soul of the gaming classics we all know and love, but enhanced with modern production values and cutting edge techniques, to make them sound retro yet relevant! A perfect edition to any producer or composers arsenal, especially for video game music and chip-tune composers!

Come check them out and get the lowest price only at the APD shop!

-Brian Freeland, APD

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