Checking Out Opacity II by Audiomodern

Opacity II by Audiomodern

Opacity II is the sequel to the hit library Opacity from Audiomodern, featuring beautifully recorded ambient guitar chords, swells, phrases, and more! Every recording was performed by guitarist/composer John Hodges of Terra Grande, and the library is insanely simple to use. There are multiple “sessions” which each feature multiple chords, phrases, sequences, and swells, mapped across your MIDI keyboard. Each session was recorded in a specific key and tempo, but the performances will sync with your DAWs tempo, so you get a lot of flexibility with these. To really see what this instrument can do, please check out our vlog and see the library in action, and how simple it is to string together chords and sequences to create your own songs from scratch. 

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The library is very ambient in nature, and you can apply different effects to each layer of the performance, as well as adjusting the cabinet settings for the guitars themselves. It’s laid out and programmed so well, it’s really hard to get a bad sounding performance, because each “session” (preset) is recorded in a specific key. You can essentially apply the same MIDI data to each session, and the overall progression between chords will always translate perfectly, only in a different key. This library is perfect for ambient rock, commercial, EDM, and cinematic music, and adds real beauty and a human performance to your productions!

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