Checking Out Reel to Reel – Vintage LoFi by Black Octopus Sound

Reel to Reel by Black Octopus Sound

Black Octopus brings you another professional quality sample pack, this time aimed at chilled out Lo-Fi styles.

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This pack features loops, chords, and one shots for the following instruments: acoustic drums (kicks, hi hats, snares, percs), vocal chops, guitars (acoustic and electric), pianos, glockenspiel, flute, bass, vibraphone, additional sound effects, as well as a bonus folder with MIDI chord progressions tailor made for lo-fi music.

Each sample is dripping with that old-school vinyl sound, and the loops come in a variety of tempos, yet most of them fall within the 70-100bpm range for that super chilled out vibe.

Remember, if you don’t want to use the pre-made loops, you can create your own beats and melodies with the one-shots and chords provided. The vocal chops and drum samples are perfect for practically any genre. Check it out today!

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