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Checking Out Rootbass Bundle by Pornofonic

Checking Out Rootbass Bundle by Pornofonic


The Rootbass Bundle from Pornofonic utilizes a unique approach to creating bass instruments.

Instead of sampling electric or acoustic basses, such as a bass guitar, they have constructed all new instruments by combining vintage analog synths, physical actuators, noise artifacts and amp/cab impulses.

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What does all that mean? Sampling physical actuators makes the instruments feel real and grounded in reality: when you play this instrument, you hear the physical interaction happening between the instrument and whatever is striking it, whether it’s striking a key on a piano, plucking a sting, etc. It gives the instrument a satisfying “thunk” when you play it, sounding like a real physical instrument instead of a digital synth.

Rootbass sounds dirty, raw, and is a joy to play. Whether you need huge basses, phat analog leads, slinky keys or grimy arps, this instrument has you covered, and nothing else sounds quite like this. Add to that some of the custom noise textures, such as tape hiss, vinyl crackle, or electromagnetic noise, and you get something which is unconditionally raw and mechanical.

There are multiple snapshots for each library here, containing some great basses, keys, plucks, leads, and arps, and you can swap out each layer or sound source on the fly to customize your sound. This bundle does require the Full Version of Kontakt to run. Learn more: https://staging2.audioplugin.deals/

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    Checking Out Rootbass Bundle by Pornofonic

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