Cinematic Guitars Infinity by Sample Logic – To Infinity and Beyond!

Cinematic Guitars Infinity is by far the biggest library I have ever seen. It’s a collection of 4 sample libraries: Cinematic Guitars 1,2 and 3 and a fourth new component Infinity. The  infinity component is further broken down into 4 unique instruments called Atmospheres, Percussives, Loops and Instrumentals. There is so much content in this collection, I have focused this blog and video on the new Infinity component of this bundle.

Infinity is massive and claims to have 2400 trillion possible sound combinations! At first this may seem impossible, but when you start to play around with this sample library and utilise the randomize feature, this number becomes quite realistic.

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The first thing I noticed when using Infinity were the 4 sound cores. Each sound core has 2 sound sources that you can blend between. In the centre there is a well placed XY slider that allows you to easily blend between the sound cores. This means you have the ability to work with 8 sounds at once with ease!

Things can get very interesting using the inbuilt randomise feature. Using this feature you can create countless new sounds that really show off the versatility and power of this library. I personally spent an entire hour listening to different sounds that the randomise feature produced and was impressed by how usable each sound was. This feature can be addictive and I will definitely be spending more time going down this tunnel.

To demonstrate the power of Infinity I decided to make a full track that used only Infinity guitars. On the Sample Logic page there are some incredible demos in the cinematic style that blew me away! After hearing these I decided to walk a different path. In my video I made a track with an 80s energy that was a hybrid of The Final Countdown and Hotline Miami. In my opinion, this library was so versatile it pulled it off and did something even better. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to write music with this.

Is Cinematic Guitars the world’s most powerful cinematic virtual instrument? Being that you get cg1, cg2 and cg3 and a 25GB sound library it is simply massive The good part of this product is that it works on both windows and mac machines. I would say yes

In conclusion this library has a lot to offer and is incredibly musical. I am blown away by the unique sound possibilities you can get with minimal effort. Overall cinematic guitars is powerful cinematic virtual instrument with its advanced sound design The library is a game changer!


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