[FREE Download] Synths DX by Karanyi Music – A Quick Taste!

karanyi free synths dx

Synths DX is a fantastic synth library for Kontakt by Karanyi Music, and guess what?! It’s FREE! Featuring 60+ instruments in separate NKI files, this library really excels at atmospheric pads, thick analog basses, deep drones, and more.

I was blown away by the quality of sounds featured in this library, which immediately gave me a Blade Runner-esque vibe. The pads are lush and evolving (with the use of the mod wheel) and really capture the atmospheric mood of some of my favorite science fiction films. There are also some great polyphonic synth type sounds which are suitable for thick leads and basses, as well as massive drones with intricate processing and tonal shifting going on as you hold out the note.

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The sounds seem to have a nice balance of reverb/fx without sounding overly processed, but of course you can take things further by adding some distortion or long reverb tails.

I was able to create a stunning and tense sci-fi style track in about an hour, using multiple instruments from Synths DX in addition to a few other Kontakt libraries. This library really surprised me at the quality and tone of each instrument provided, and if you love synths, I guarantee you will love this product. I mean, who doesn’t love free stuff?!

Stop by and take Synths DX for a spin!

-Brian Freeland, APD

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