Over Deserts with Koron Iranian Instruments


Koron Iranian Instruments

Hey guys. It’s Jon, back with another review for Audio Plugin Deals! I’ve been busy checking out a library from Impact Soundworks. Composers will likely have as much fun with the Koron Iranian instruments as I did! As a result of my various composing ventures, I am no stranger to Impact Soundworks. I’ve implemented their free Stroh Violin to great effect in the past.

This library features 10 traditional instruments from Iran, 5 melodic and 5 percussive. The kamanche, tar, tanbour, setar, and santoor. The bendir, daf, kuzeh, tonbak, zarbe. Because of the variety, you can craft entire tracks! Due to the origins of these instruments, you’ll get the perfect, cinematic Middle Eastern Vibe.

koron iranian instruments

Ethnic Vibes

The instruments are truly lush, and the vibe is incredibly epic. These tones make you feel as though you travel across desert plains. There are lots of different articulations to diversify the playstyle. This is essential for realism. Moving between the different articulations is as simple as hitting keys in the lower registers. Pizzicatos, staccatos, tremolos fast and slow…there’s lots of variety in the various instruments.

I can see this library being put to great use for adventurous, bombastic themes. Stuff like the OST to “The Mummy” and “The Mummy Returns.” The authentic ethnic tone of these Koron Iranian Instruments is excellent. It conjures visions of deserts, ruins. Be it Nathan Drake, Lara Croft, or Indiana Jones exploring, chances are these instruments would be right at home providing the soundtrack.

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But movie magic isn’t the only thing these would be good for. I can imagine these being put to great use within hip hop, rap, and trap beats. Or go for that Infected Mushroom, psychedelic trance with an ethnic twist vibe. Rock the harmonic minor scale and toss these bad boys over some well executed arps and trance gates and you’ll be in psychedelic heaven.

With Over 17,000+ 24-bit samples this incredibly authentic collection will allow you to create your own great masterpiece. You will require the Full version of Kontakt, version 5.5.2 or higher. It Will not work with the free player.

Demo Track

I’ve attached a short sample track below, made entirely with the Koron Iranian instruments. Check it out!

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