Deal Overview – Palette Bundle by Red Room Audio

palette bundle

Presenting the Palette Orchestral Bundle from Red Room Audio: 58gb of incredible orchestral content, covering everything from pre orchestrated ensembles and instrument combos, expressive solo instruments, realistic runs and arpeggios, and spine-chilling effects. This is a must have for any composer who wants to focus on cinematic orchestral music for media.

This bundle includes the three Brush Packs for the Palette series. We featured the Palette Symphonic Sketchpad a while back and it was a big hit, so if you picked that up and want to complete the collection, now is the perfect time! If you missed the Symphonic Sketchpad deal, have no fear, whether you own multiple orchestral libraries already, or none at all, this bundle will provide tons of amazing content.

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Brush Pack 01 – Melodics has amazing pre-arranged instrument combos, individual instrument sections, as well as solo instruments. This brush pack contains legato articulations that weren’t included in the Symphonic Sketchpad, and has more detail and focus, providing you with more control and expressive solo instruments for adding extra detail and intimacy to your music.

Brush Pack 02- FX has amazing atonal and melodic effects, featuring strings, brass, woodwinds, and even choir effects. Clusters, rises, falls, rips, stings, and more: there are tons of articulations and playing styles mapped across the keyboard and conveniently labeled. This pack is perfect for tension and horror films!

Brush Pack 03- Runs and Arps features fluid and realistic string and woodwinds runs and arpeggios. Featuring multiple scales and able to sync to tempo and play in any root note, this is the ultimate collection of runs and scales!

Every instrument in this bundle contains multiple mic positions, and was recorded in position so no external panning is needed. The samples have a great dynamic range and can be used in practically any genre that calls for realistic orchestral music. Don’t miss this one!

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