Get Ready for Some Heavy Metal with Waterharp 2 & Thunder Springs from Sample Logic!

waterharp 2 & thunder springs by sample logic

This deal is a great choice for cinematic composers, trailer music, and  EDM producers. We have 2 huge libraries that contain a massive amount and variety of content.

Waterharp 2 is a library built on samples of a waterharp, or waterphone, which is a unique and amazing instrument that you may not have heard of, but I guarantee you’ve heard it in horror/thriller films! It’s got a resonant, shrieking tone and it’s instantly distinguishable the moment you hear it. In addition to traditional waterharp samples, there are ambiences, melodic instruments (pads/keys/synths), impacts and hits, transitions, rhythmic loops, and more!

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Thunder Springs keeps the metallic vibe going, but this time featuring thunder tubes and spring drums, more unique instruments capable of producing percussive hits, deep resonant low end, scrapes, and more. In typical Sample Logic fashion, we’ve got TONS of content based on the sampled sounds, from pads and synths to drum kits, hits, stringers and transitions.

These two libraries combined can be your ultimate secret weapon for trailers, horror films, sound design, EDM/trap, and more. From gritty and distorted basses and kicks to haunting ambiances and beautiful pads, this bundle will deliver!

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