Don’t miss out – get 4 incredible guitar libraries for only $25!

Today I want to talk a bit about the Dark Intervals 4-in-1 Guitar Bundle. I really never know what to expect when I read the words “guitar sample library”. The guitar is such a hugely versatile instrument used in practically every single genre of music imaginable. It’s my favorite instrument to play as well!

While I do appreciate the ultra deep-sampled “bread and butter” guitar libraries, like the metal-focused Shreddage 3 or the variety of libraries from Ample Sound, I always prefer guitar libraries that focus on the clean, ambient, and resonant qualities of the electric guitar, as opposed to the virtuoso playing styles (I do believe that when it comes to articulate and realistic guitar playing, a MIDI composition simply pales in comparison to the real thing, which is why pre-recorded riffs and licks are so useful with guitar sample libraries… they’re real and performed by a human). Usually, when I want to do anything with heavy distortion, like leads and metal chugs, I’d always rather record it myself.

I know, you may think “wait… you’re a guitarist, why do you need sample libraries at all?

Mostly for ease of use, and having access to equipment that I don’t own (like priceless vintage guitars, amps, effects, etc.), or because I want access to a different style of playing! Enter the Dark Intervals 4-in-1 Guitar Bundle.

I was really impressed by this bundle, especially for the price. I love the different styles they have captured here, with Smooth Guitars Vol. 1 and 2 focusing on blues and jazz style licks, chords, and loops. They give you the dry samples, as well as with a variety of effects applied like wah and chorus, and some that are slightly overdriven and dirty as opposed to clean and pristine.

The other two, Guitars in Space Vol. 2 and 3, focus on a really ambient, reverberant sound, which works really well in ambient soundscapes as well as cinematic music and video game scores. These have more sustained single notes and chords as opposed to riffs and licks and work better with a slower tempo, and give you a beautiful, lush, and evocative sound.

Now, in the video, I use this bundle in Kontakt (Full). HOWEVER, you do NOT need Kontakt to make use of these sounds! They include every single loop, chord, riff, lick, note, all accessible via wav and mp3 files as well.

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