Endless Arpeggiations with Audiofier’s Tetrality!

This KONTAKT FULL ensemble maker has some stunning presets and instruments to combine. It features 4 layers with 20 instruments to mix and match. The randomisation and different scenes that can be programmed allow for many different patterns; to ensure you create something unique every time!

Some of the other cool features with the library are the Divisi Manager, which can split up notes of a chord amongst the 4 layers and create complimenting arrangements. There are 75 sequencer presets to use on each layer, which also allows for even more variety with your tracks.

I particularly liked the scenes option, which allows users to create entirely different presets using whatever sequences, instruments, SFX they choose; and the ability to copy them into different scenes for quick editing. They can be easily swapped to provide a seamless transition in tracks.

The Global options also allow users to choose a key/scale for the scene, and can apply it to all scenes if desired, for further customisation. It really opened some unused theory for myself; particularly scales I hadn’t favoured before.

Overall, this library has some wonderful combinations of instruments; elegantly intertwined with the poly-rhythmic sequencers to ensure you can create something new every time!

-Jess @APD

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