Dark, aggressive cinematic trailer sounds from SampleTraxx!

If you are in need of some incredible sound effects for writing trailers, film scores, horror tracks, sci-fi, and cinematic music in general… you’re in luck! Our current bundle from SampleTraxx offers a huge variety of professional sounds at a super low, discounted price.

SampleTraxx has some of the best sound design libraries on the market, and I use many of them frequently in my own productions, especially Drops n Braams, Clockworks, Whoosh, and Sonikscape. They’re generally very dark and aggressive, tailor-made for creating larger-than-life epic sounds. Most of the libraries provide you with highly processed sounds as well as the raw recorded material, so you can process it however you like using your favorite effects.

In addition to using these libraries to create music, you can also use these to create foley sound effects and sound design for video games and films. The UI Designer library is actually incredible for this, and I actually used it (and others) recently while creating sound effects and music for an advertisement, which was a parody of The Terminator. I needed robotic and computerized sounds for the movement and interface of The Terminator character, like when he looked around and scanned items. I mention this so you know, these libraries are not only good for creating music and melodic tracks, they are a fantastic resource for video and sound editors as well.

In this video, I play through some sounds from almost all of the various sound packs (over 21gb of content in total!)

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