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[WATCH] EastWest Complete Scoring Bundle – Walkthrough Video

[WATCH] EastWest Complete Scoring Bundle – Walkthrough Video


The EastWest complete scoring package, available exclusively at Audio Plugin Deals, offers a full featured orchestra and choir at a fantastic value. If you’re someone who has been looking to get into virtual orchestration, but can’t afford to drop thousands of dollars on sample libraries and plugins, this would be a great starting point.

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Included in the package are full brass, string, and woodwind ensemble sections as well as solo instruments, tuned and auxiliary percussion, and a full male, female, and boys choir. Keep in mind, this is not a Kontakt Library, as this library runs in East West’s standalone sample engine, Play. The Play engine was updated to version 6 in December 2017, and features improved stability and a more user friendly interface. I personally am a big fan of the updates featured in Play 6, including a search function and faster loading times.

This library offers a detailed, realistic sound, with every instrument recorded in their natural seating positions. This means the sounds are all pre-panned, according to a traditional seating arrangement, so no need to go back and pan each track. It’s really nice to have this feature for those of us focusing on a truly realistic mock up. It’s also very nice to have solo instruments included with the ensemble sections, as many companies sell solo instruments as a separate package from ensemble sections. The built in reverb sounds fantastic, and can be fully adjusted, so the samples can sound dry or wet according to your personal preference.

The Symphonic Choirs are capable of sounding soft and intimate, but also fully capable of being pushed into higher dynamic territory, to get a modern and epic “choir wall” sound. A standout feature is the WordBuilder function, which in theory allows the choir to sing out any phrase you can type. Once you learn the intricacies and behavior of the WordBuilder, it can be a very powerful and flexible tool to implement into your template. If you’re looking for a professional quality sample library at an amazing price, look no further than the East West Complete Scoring Package, available exclusively at Audio Plugin Deals!


  1. Almost all patches are velocity sensitive, reacting to how hard you press the keys on your midi controller. The harder you press, the louder the note is.
  2. There is no knob or slider for dynamics in the GUI of the play engine. By default, this is assigned to CC01. If you don’t have a MIDI controller, this control will be accessible in your DAW to automate or adjust accordingly.
  3. To get the most realism, load up “Modxfd” patches. These will allow you to control the dynamics with the mod wheel, and enable custom swells and crescendos based on how you automate your CC01.
  4. WordBuilder can be very tricky and overwhelming, so please take the time to read the manual. Once you get the hang of it, it will become second nature and be a very versatile and powerful tool in your arsenal!

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    [WATCH] EastWest Complete Scoring Bundle – Walkthrough Video

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