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[WATCH] Getting Chills with Frozen Plain!

[WATCH] Getting Chills with Frozen Plain!


We’re excited to announce the entire line up of products from Frozen Plain are now available in The Shop! Enjoy unique and atmospheric sounds at the lowest prices online. Remember, you can take the price even lower by using your shop rewards points!

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Slow – a deep library of ambient pads and soundscapes. This library features a dual layer sample engine, allowing you to stack two sounds together and blend and morph between them as you see fit. The sounds are very atmospheric, and the GUI, adorned with the image of viewing a planet in space, is very fitting. Each layer has 4 LFOS, which allows you to invoke these sound with a sense of movement and evolving swells. Built in effects include reverb, distortion, tone, and convolution, as well as a myriad of useful filters, from high pass and low pass to more experimental formants.

Arctic Strings – a beautiful and easy to use library for creating sustained string sounds. This product features a detailed string ensemble, along with scripted legato and portamento. The real fun begins when you begin to experiment with the different effects and reverb settings. You can achieve anything from a natural string swell, to a massive, reverberating, electronic string bed, and everything in between. For your convenience, there are some great presets included for instant inspiration.

Colourform – a unique colłection of picturesque organic sounds. Colourform stands out in its visual approach of categorizing sounds. Each sound is assigned a color, and you can load up to 12 different colors and blend and mix them together however you choose, the end result being an entirely new color you may have never known existed. Having a visual link between the sounds in your head can be a lot of fun to experiment with and create new textures for your tracks.

The Chordophones – This is a collection of plucked and hammered instruments. The default sound is a beautiful and realistic dulcimer sound, and can be used on its own in any of your productions. The real fun begins when you begin layering up to 6 sounds together, and experimenting with arpeggios and the different effects built in. While the default sound is natural and beautiful, this library is capable of some surprisingly aggressive sound design, all with an organic foundation.

Terracotta – an unusual library, featuring a multisampled terra-cotta flower pot! This instrument has a very organic and almost innocent sound, and while it is a tuned melodic instrument, it’s also very percussive. Once again this instrument can be used in its beautiful default state, or mangled and distorted beyond recognition.

Phoenix – a powerful tool featuring string and choir sustained sounds. You can embody the samples with a sense of movement with the multiple LFO options available. This library is capable of producing some very unique synth sounds, and the included modulation options inject a sense of life and movement. Experimenting and creating some incredible futuristic synth pads is a lot of fun with Phoenix.

Dual Music Box – a beautiful instrument with the classic, plucky music box sound. Two different music boxes are sampled, each with a unique tone and feel. Unsurprisingly, this library features deep sound design customization and inspiring presets to start with.

Obelisk – a stand-alone VST plug-in that creates harmonies from your midi input. The chord picker handles how harmonies are applied to each note, and a built in constraining algorithm ensures the fit your chosen key and scale.

Frostpoint – a collection of experimental Impulse Responses for your convolution reverb. Instead of normal halls and rooms, this leans towards the experimental and insane.

Each of the Kontakt instruments include incredible presets to use as a launch pad for your sound design experimentation, and require the full paid version of Kontakt. Come explore the shop and find out why we’ve been loving the entire Frozen Plain lineup. Don’t miss this avalanche of savings!

all frozen plain libraries now available in the shop

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    [WATCH] Getting Chills with Frozen Plain!

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