[WATCH] Exploring Sample Logic Expeditions

exploring sample logic expeditions

Sample Logic’s Expeditions is an expansive rhythmic sequencing and effects engine running on the full version of Kontakt. It is highly portable at about 1.5GB. It features over 965 loops, meaning this is the probably last loop player you will need for cinematic and world music productions.

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The sample library is extensively customizable. The loop engine separates each loop source file into 16 segments or steps and each one can be tweaked, transposed and applied with effects independently. The loops can be played in many ways including in reverse and out of sequence with any segment playing at any step.

Fast workflow
The multi presets are a go-to selection of some 300 combinations of 4 loop sources and effects presets. They are exceptionally handy as a starting point for further customization and sound great with minimal tweaking required. Expeditions also works great as a backing track which can be easily paired with a melody line using your existing sample libraries to quickly create professional, original deliveries for clients on a deadline.

What makes this amazing is that the loops span the entire globe from Africa, Asia, Europe, to America and Latin America. The music groups include Acoustic, Melodic and Synthetic and many more.

Expeditions is currently available in The Shop for as low as $109.99 with your rewards money.

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