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Introducing XOSPHERE by Sample Logic – All things atmosphere

Introducing XOSPHERE by Sample Logic – All things atmosphere


Your one stop shop for all things atmosphere, introducing XOSphere by Sample Logic!

This massive instrument is compatible with the FREE Kontakt player, and includes hundreds of presets for you to choose from to instantly get started. You can load up presets from any of the categories, including Bizarre, Dark n Scary, Electronic-Effectual, Euphoric-Spiritual, Mixed Emotions, Mysterious, and World-Organic. The engine itself is incredibly deep, and allows you to seriously dive in deep and customize every single parameter to create your perfect, unique sound.

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The engine is made up of 4 Oscillator modules, each containing 2 layers. That means you can have a total of 8 individual sound sources combined, adding unique effects and sequencers to each module, morphing between each sound on the fly, and then you can add global effects to top it all off. It is a very complex instrument, but if you want to instantly dive in and get inspired, simply load of the various presets to hear all that it can do. Then you can go into each module, load up new sound sources, experiment with the sequencers and LFOs, and really craft your own signature sound.

Check out the video below where I walk you through some of the functions of this powerful instrument, as well as check out the presets, and how you can experiment to create new and exciting soundscapes instantly!

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    Introducing XOSPHERE by Sample Logic – All things atmosphere

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