Don’t forget your New Year REVOLUTIONS!

isw revolutions bundle

We’re excited to announce our latest deal, the Acoustic Revolutions Bundle from Impact Soundworks, which includes Acoustic Revolutions 1, 2, and 3!

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Acoustic Revolutions Vol. 1 was the first array into giving songwriters an affordable yet professional collection of acoustic guitar loops (WAV and REX2 formats, as well as SAGE for Stylus RMX). This collection contains over 280 loops in various tempos, keys, and time signatures, giving you flexibility over the contemporary guitar styles contained within.

Acoustic Revolutions 2 expanded upon this concept, offering even more versatility, covering a broader range of styles, this time containing a whopping 630 loops, and expanding the focus from just modern rock/pop to folk, adult contemporary, easy listening, and soundtracks.

Acoustic Revolutions 3 is the latest and most powerful offering, this time containing 10x the content of Acoustic Revolutions Vol. 1 and 2 combined. This time the format is presented in a simple yet powerful Kontakt library (full version required), and contains a huge amount of content, allowing you to craft your own chord progressions and giving you freedom to completely create your own acoustic songs. It has 48 different rhythms and can pretty much play any chord imaginable, offering both an “intelligent” chord fretting option as well as “manual mode” which allows you to play any chord from major to minor, suspended, augmented, major 7th, and pretty much anything in between. You can pick and choose which rhythms you’d like to have loaded up, so you can pick your favorites and save on RAM by unloading the rhythms you don’t need. It’s super simple and easy to use, yet very powerful and gives you complete freedom over what is played, along with various ways to end the song, from letting the chords ring out to having mutes, falls, stops, etc.

This is a amazing no brainer offer with acoustic revolutions libraries combined. Acoustic Revolutions Bundle by Impact Soundworks can be bought in the APD shop.

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